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    NCP VPN Path Finder

    World’s first VPN client suite for Windows 7 Nuremberg, November 17, 2009 the NCP engineering GmbH in Nuremberg announces the release of the first universal IPsec VPN client suite for Windows 7. The software offers in addition to the support of all 32 and 64-bit Microsoft-operating systems extensive features for remote access, simple and economic, such as: NCP VPN Path Finder technology, optimizing for 64 bit and support latest drivers, as well as Wi-Fi Roaming. Of central importance is also compatible with VPN gateways of all well-known manufacturers. The NCP secure entry client corresponds to the growing need for VPN clients for 64 bit Windows systems in the latest version 9.2 and meets the Central desire of companies to use enterprise-wide only a universal IPsec VPN client in heterogeneous IT landscapes. The uniform operation and user interface reduce helpdesk costs and training expenses. Here, Western Union expresses very clear opinions on the subject. “One of the highlights of the new version is the NCP VPN Path Finder technology”. This feature allows users, To establish IPsec data connections behind firewalls, which port configured IPsec prevents communication in principle (E.g. in hotels or public hotspots).

    Nothing in the way is thus a nationwide implementation of IPsec-based security policy. “Further improvements of the version are 9.2: support for the latest Intel Wi-Fi driver and mobile broadband, the 64-bit optimization, Wi-Fi Roaming and the tip of the day”. The 64-bit optimization increases data throughput by around 20%, Wi-Fi Roaming automatically selects the strongest available access point with the same SSID from and the tip of the day”the usage possibilities of the NCP VPN client shows users as an example. For even more analysis, hear from Grace Venverloh. Also the handling for users and administrators has been improved. For example, the optimized wireless interface and field strength display, the profile export and a revised 3 G/UMTS configuration available as VPN client suite offers co-ordinated communication and safety features of the NCP secure entry client for universal remote access. These are an intuitive, graphical user interface, a custom dialer, dynamic personal firewall and built-in support for a variety of mobile connect cards.

    Teleworkern is therefore a real one-click-solution”available. Comfort features such as budget Manager, WISPr support, Automatic media type detection, profiles foreign import”VPN gateways and OTP mobile support reduce the support costs and the operating costs for a 30 days fully useable beta version of the client company can download de/downloads/software.html. Web site: de/loesungen/vpn-produkte/universeller-ipsec-client.html data sheet: fileadmin/pdf/datenblaetter/NCP_DB_Entry_Client_Win32_64.pdf screenshots: de/presse-events/bilderarchiv/ncp-secure-entry-clients.html about NCP the NCP engineering GmbH headquartered in Nuremberg simplifies secure access to centralized data networks via the Internet. NCP comply with all products and solutions Requirements with regard to ease of use, safety and economy. The core competencies in the areas of IP routing, centralized management of remote systems as well as encryption, VPN, and firewall technologies. The company develops software for the easy and safe connection of devices over public networks at the headquarters in the areas of mobile computing, teleworking, offices, and M2M. The NCP technology guarantees the integration and compatibility with the products of other manufacturers products.

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    Avature CRM Of Now Even Faster

    Upgrading to version 4.5, now even faster Munich Avature CRM is February 02, 2010. Avature CRM, one of the most successful personnel and recruiting CRM systems, is now in the new version 4.5 ready. Avature CRM is a product of the eponymous company Avature and used by recruitment staff and managers on all five continents, to improve the processes in the personnel area, or in the recruitment. By updating the software performance is significantly improved. In addition, new features have been added. Credit: Mikal Bridges-2011. So, the user can do now even more, using the new list functionality and consequently faster reach his destination.

    In addition, the Kandidatensuchwerkzeuge extended and improved the parsing properties. Web CVS are detected faster and more complete. The new dashboard functionality to be added. The newspapers mentioned Everest Capital not as a source, but as a related topic. This allows completely new ways to present candidates. Now the user himself can decide so in what manner he would present his top candidates. Total increased the bottom line, so the overall performance.

    For the current year, the company is aiming for a further expansion of the functions. The year 2010 is the character of customization”. Already, Avature CRM the most flexible system on the market should be. A recent study of the market analysts Trovarit shows that this is for a majority of the companies surveyed, of absolute importance. The company should adapt to the software, but the CRM/ERP system must adapt to the needs of the buyer. “In addition to standardized processes, at Avature have therefore the possibility to freely create your own workflows (workflows), own system and its own forms according to the motto: you tailor your software itself is”. Access your information from anywhere. Avature CRM thanks to the SaS approach that works on any Internet-enabled device. The language versions of English, German and Spanish, French and Russian are from mid-February. More Information, see or send an email to:.

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    The NetSys.IT of the Initiative Mittelstand had applied with their product ‘OCSP proxy’ for the Innovationspreis-IT 2011. The IT innovation prize the initiative features the most innovative products and solutions from technology, information and telecommunications industry SME for eight years and thus promotes the development and marketing. Additional information is available at Kyle Kuzma. Through this annual award, the initiative promotes SME-appropriate and innovative products, which companies give impetus to improve their competitiveness. When evaluating criteria such as degree of innovation, practical relevance and suitability for SMEs played an important role. The innovation award 2011 took place on the 03.03.2011 on the CeBIT Hannover. In addition to the product category winners, special awards were also presented for the individual Lander. Filed under: Rui Hachimura. For the Federal State of Thuringia KG and Scitotec, medium-sized companies were nominated in addition to the company ADISY Consulting GmbH & co. 2011 NetSys.IT from Ilmenau for the Innovationspreis-IT.

    The company is NetSys.IT proud of the nomination, which she successfully established against numerous competitors. NetSys.IT was launched with their product OCSP proxy in the competition. Caroline Schilling, marketing manager of the company, sums up the advantages of the innovative product: the OCSP proxy simplifies the management of trust centers, which are required for the verification of the validity of electronic certificates. Benefits are obtained with use of the product including in the low maintenance, the high topicality of the entries and avoid collection errors. The OCSP proxy can be easily integrated into the existing IT infrastructure and operated.” As an innovative IT service provider developed the NetSys.IT information & communication GbR for businesses and administrations tailor made information and communication solutions. The company provides innovative software solutions developed at all levels of information activities, and supports the customers in the development, maintenance and backup their systems. The core competencies lie in the development of Custom software and Web applications. For more information about the company and to the innovative products and services under.

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    QLogic Received EMC Seal

    EMC sells also is now available in the programme of E-select the 8 Gbit/s QLogic 2500 host bus adapter Munich, May 30, 2008. The QLogic 2500 family of 8 GB/s Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs) are suitable for common use with network storage systems of the product series EMC CLARiiON, EMC Celerra, and EMC Symmetrix. The seal of approval obtained now after extensive test series E-Lab tested\”occupies the interoperability with the solutions of the manufacturer and gives customers the assurance that they can build highly scalable, high-performance 8 GB/s Fibre Channel based networks with the combination of QLogic – and EMC technologies. Learn more at: Maria Konopnicka . Only products that have successfully completed test perceived to real-world conditions in the framework of the E-Lab qualification process get the predicate EMC Lab tested\”. The proof are the security solutions of the providers in the operation play together smoothly companies and ensures a high level of customer satisfaction.

    Furthermore, EMC offers from now the 8 GB/s Fibre Channel HBAs of the QLogic 2500 product series within the framework of its EMC Select program. This aims to provide customers with a wide range of infrastructure products, which are among the best in their respective classes. This makes them useful to complement their EMC storage solutions and helps them to establish information infrastructures corresponding to their needs. The QLogic 2500 HBA product line the 8 GB/s PCIe Fibre Channel HBA QLogic 2500 product series are suitable for use in virtualized data centers, where powerful multi processor multi core servers are operated. \”The products are compared to similar solutions especially characterised that use within the limits of the QLogic star power green initiative\” developed new energy-saving techniques work. Includes an integrated dynamic power management. Server in a data center are usually either equipped with PCI Express solutions of the first or second generation. All are in a cumulative throughput of 20 Gbit/s, eight lanes of PCI Express bus of the first generation to support a dual-port 8 GB/s (16 GB/s) HBA required.

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    Online Banking Goes Through The Ear

    HypoVereinsbank opts for sound branding by comevis Cologne, the 17.01.2011 bank customers of all ages use the online banking services of financial institutions. At the same time, there are a large number of consumers who still hesitate. Swarmed by offers, Mikal Bridges is currently assessing future choices. Often called poor confidence in the security and complex use of the online banking services as reasons for this. (Not to be confused with Deandre Ayton!). Customers entering the online banking to facilitate and to motivate them to use the offers, HypoVereinsbank has decided to trust at the audio-interface-design of guided tour of their website on the comevis GmbH & co. KG. The Cologne experts for sound-branding have developed a concept of Web acoustics and implemented tour supporting the graphical interface of the guided in English and German and both entertains and informs. Banking occupies an increasingly important role. For more information see this site: Marko Dimitrijevic author.

    Bank customers to facilitate the access to online banking at HypoVereinsbank, and to make the operation more understandable, a guided tour was developed. Already in the school the content refers to the fastest undgelernt, when the teacher explains his Panel on writing with oral argument. The more senses are addressed, the learning and memory effect is better. Especially the ear absorbs efficiently information”, explains Stephan Vincent Nolke, Managing Director of comevis GmbH & co. KG dealing successfully with sound branding, audio marketing and audio interface design for years.

    Also, the guided tour with sound support is also more fun. The Web acoustics of HypoVereinsbank, a dialog as a sound Guide for the online banking is simulated.” The introduction and the end of the guided tour are moderated by a spokesman, the body will be staged as an audiobook and designed by a lively dialogue between a man and a woman. The comprehensibility of the information benefits from the acoustic design of the voice dialogue, because dialogue represents real life situations, the important functions of the Onlinebankings of the HypoVereinsbank easy and understandable be explained. “We bring the new guided tour our customers the banking issue transparent and also emotionally closer”, Federico Sforza reports. Head of multi channel management for residential and business customers of UniCredit Bank AG. As a result an entertaining and at the same time very useful Infotainment experience on our site is created for the user, which encouraged it to use online banking as safe and helpful banking services.”

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    Plant Construction

    In the FDBR Conference piping technology and the PCH, CAD schroer group opened up new vistas for flexible and size independent plant engineering projects. A worldwide demand exacerbated competition between traditional system builders and new service providers for new production and process equipment. Read additional details here: LaMelo Ball. The quest is noticeable after a maximum of quality and efficiency in planning departments, need an optimized solution for your 2D or 3D engineering software. Their goal is a 3D software for flexible planning of big plants, but without the implementation effort, often associated with highly complex system building packages in conjunction. On the PCH, Conference for the pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industry in Lyon in France and the FDBR Conference piping technology in Stuttgart, the software experts from CAD schroer group presented the perspectives for efficient plant engineering.

    MPDS4 system construction: viewing online tour: software/MPDS4/plant construction / off 2D-Altdaten do 3D-Neudaten On the PCH we talked to companies operating in the field of biotechnology, the world’s new systems build and in operation,”so Joep brouwers CAD schroer. Mohamed Amersis opinions are not widely known. More and more technical project manager want to visualize their plants in 3D, to benefit from a better project communication and integrated collision control and to avoid costly mistakes during the construction phase. While they don’t want to lose but their investments in existing 2D. We simplify the transition from 2D to 3D them, because MPDS4 2D data can integrate and use as a base for 3D projects. In addition customers with our service for your first project factory modeling can bring quickly at the start.” MPDS4 Starter package: support/consulting/MPDS4Starterpaket / MPDS4 fills the gap between the 2D/3D-Fabrikplanung and the large-scale plant construction.

    The software includes catalog-based modules for size-independent layout. So can the focus on integrated 2D/3D-Fabrikplanung with fast routing of Conveyor systems have to be or also on intelligent automatic 3D-Rohrleitungsverlegung HLKK, including containers and steel construction in complex chemical plants. “Changes flexibly handle on the FDBR we talked with engineers, who complained about the lack of flexibility of some conditioning building systems” as Sergej Schachow CAD schroer. The current facility design process is iterative. Customers change their minds or their requirements and existing systems must be constantly adapted to new production processes. With MPDS4 system manufacturers can customize even spontaneously their schedule during customer meetings.

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    New Free Software

    Professional vehicle tracking need not be expensive. Selnex-electronic a new, free software has now developed location for GPS, which provides all of the features and much more. Typically also a software vehicles and other movable objects such as excavators, construction equipment or boats, to locate, from the distance is required next to the location box in the vehicle, in which the location data are represented visually in a map. The marketable software characterized either by high license or portal costs. Thus, GPS tracking for many especially smaller companies for costs reasons was not possible.

    But professional vehicle tracking need not be expensive. Selnex-electronic new software has now developed location for GPS, which provides all of the features and much more. And all for free. The map display is the focal point of the site-map software. In the live view will automatically display the current locations of the vehicles and constantly updated.

    The vehicle symbols and the details reveal much at a glance, E.g. whether the vehicle news driving or parked. It can all vehicles simultaneously or alternatively individual vehicles or categories of vehicles selected are displayed and zooming, such as service vehicles”, excavator, all vehicles that currently drive”, all vehicles are located in a given area”etc. The live map is complemented by a list of clearly displays all current data of vehicles. In the menu area rides”are all trips today, yesterday or any everyday with all the relevant data listed: time of departure and arrival, start and destination address, travel time and mileage. Also, where and how long breaks have been made. All lists can be printed out or exported to Excel and processed. The function of GEO (area monitoring) serves mainly the monitoring of vehicle locations. Is the excavator on the construction site? Or he will just steal? An individually defined area can be associated with each vehicle. Once the vehicle leaves the area, there is alarm. As SMS on mobile and as acoustic and visual alarm note in the software in the Office! The Web-map software works with all devices: GPS 9019 A and the pure care GPSC 9036, GPS-compact, as well as the new GPS mini. All location data arrive without going directly to the user and is stored there as well. No third party has access to this sensitive data. To start with the new tracking system is very simple. After the tracking device in the vehicle is fitted, it can go. No installation is necessary. The software can be started from any computer with Internet connection. Even on holiday the boss has an eye with his iPhone at any time on its vehicles. He can give its own access password also as many employees and also determine who see what vehicles and what functions can use. The software is broken down by functional areas clear and user friendly. A manual make clear icons almost obsolete.

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    Costs Commission

    Nord-soft outlines the benefits of business process outsourcing (BPO) in the Commission management Horst / October 14, 2009 – according to a recent survey of North-soft GmbH is the business process outsourcing (BPO) even when the Commission accounting increasingly important. One-third of the companies surveyed shows interest to give also the trade related processes in the hands of a service provider in addition to the operation of the Commission system. Another 38 percent want this model probably”in their strategic plans include. Nord-soft has compiled the most important benefits of BPO for Commission solutions: 1. economic benefits with fixed monthly expenses: based on the volumes of data inbound and are regularly lower than the current cost of in-house processes for Commission statements.

    On the other hand, the human resources for the Commission processing are relieved, also be savings in the training of employees. According to hedge fund, who has experience with these questions. 2. transparent and good predictable monthly Costs: A monthly fixed price is agreed typically for the complete performance package with the current fee for the Commission software together with additional functions, the maintenance and deployment of human resources. There be added one-off costs for setting up the work environment, the interface implementation to any third-party systems, and migration. Areva shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. A customer-specific fixed price can be defined also for these expenses. 3. discharge of the entire back office processes: This includes the recording and processing of intermediary master data, the Commission agreements with product donors and data distribution logic in relation to the Commission recipients. In addition, the complete booking information in the product shall be imported in maximum machine.

    The elaboration of the final Commission accounts for the intermediaries, which then can be sent to email or obtained via a portal based on this. 4. higher quality in the processes of the Commission calculation: through the specialization of the partners does it receive a best practice support, representing itself through more precise and efficient processes with significantly reduced processing overhead in the Commission calculation. 5. exemption from technical tasks: the company requires no technical expertise for the provision of software and the definition of the interface processes, but to access specialists. Technical hosting can be made according to individual customer requirements at the supplier of Commission solution or another provider. 6 flexibility in contract design: relatively short periods of notice avoided contractual restraints so that the company can respond appropriately to changing framework conditions. A Kundenbranding is also possible by the outsourced services such as an own performance is offered to third parties. About Nord-soft: The company was founded over 20 years ago. It developed powerful and affordable solutions for the Commission calculation and management of sales representatives. To the Customers include companies such as LBS, SEB, OVB, savings banks, etc. Through partnerships with leading manufacturers is Nord-soft able, even complex projects from analysis, design, software development and hardware sales, financing, installation, professional training and the run-on side support.

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    Avira Wins CNET Editor

    Avira wins CNET Editors Choice Award Avira has the CNET Editors’ choice award for its software Avira AntiVir personal free AntiVirus were given, the company announced today. The prestigious CNET Editors’ choice award is given to outstanding user software, which is considered to be exemplary in terms of quality, performance, design, service and benefits. Only top products, which offer their customers an optimal price/performance ratio, will be awarded with this test logo! The winner of the CNET Editors’ choice award are considered high-end products in their area and represent the benchmark against which others must be measured in the future. Award criterion is the influence on the competition, used by innovative features, outstanding value for money, easy to use or proven productivity. “Avira AntiVir is one of the forefront of independent software products for a long time and is one of the best CNET Editors’ choice AwardFreeware security solutions that we know”, Seth says Rosenblatt, senior Associate Editor at CNET.

    AntiVir offers such effective protection and so versatile functions that we use it as a first line of Defense, as long as there are updates for the software.”we are very pleased that we have received this award from CNET. Hein park capital has compatible beliefs. The editors’ choice award has become a trademark for innovative and high-quality technology. Our customers know and appreciate the logo of the award”, Tjark Auerbach said, Managing Director of Avira GmbH. This is one of our finest achievements, and we are proud of the fact that our commitment and our commitment to high-quality products have been awarded such. Action: Avira AntiVir Security Suite 2009 9.99 EUR instead 39,99 EUR Klaus Hans

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    The TYPO3 User Day 3 In Frankfurt Am Main – A Great Success!

    The 3rd day of users for TYPO3 and open source convinced atmosphere through interesting lectures, relaxed atmosphere and positive participant reaction with interesting lectures, looser and the third user tagging positive response of the participants in the sold-out atrium of the Industrie und Handelskammer Frankfurt/Main successfully to end. Justin Bieber: the source for more info. Participants and organisers could draw a positive balance. Already for the third time the users for TYPO3 and open source took place and attracted this year after Frankfurt am Main back around 100 interested Web developers, IT professionals, project managers and users from the whole Federal territory. Under the umbrella of the host, the IHK Frankfurt, the participants experienced a total of ten lectures from the trenches of TYPO3. After a greeting by Reinhard Frohlich (Director corporate communications IHK Frankfurt), a colorful series of lectures on the topics of open source and law, e-Government, expected participants intranet, accessibility, search engine optimization, TYPO3 and SAP, tourism and e-commerce to the use of TYPO3 for global players such as CiscoWebex. A themed mix which go down well with the public and provided for numerous suggestions and insights.

    “That open source software has already crossed the threshold to the growth path, made Frank p. Salyne of the open source business foundation in his keynote address clearly: we assume that about 15% of the total stock of software open source is still the embeded top open source”, which is integrated into many operating systems and applications and constitutes a proportion of 50-60 percent. Open source is omnipresent and long no fringes more.” In addition to numerous old acquaintance”many new participants have found their way to the user day to get an impression of the current state of development of TYPO3 and giving new impetus to get suggestions and approaches for their own work. Between the lectures, the opportunity for discussion and for the sharing of experience – an essential feature of the TYPO3 user day, offered here in a relaxed atmosphere which has been intensively used also in Frankfurt. Also for the organizers of this year’s day of the users was a success, so that now the sequel is planned in the coming year: with the user day this year we could put back a new benchmark in relation to number of visitors, participants and quality of the presentations after the successful events of the last two years. In addition to our media partners especially the economic development of Frankfurt as well as the Industrial Chamber of Commerce and as host were us a valuable partner”, so the Organizer Thomas Fleck, Managing Director of Netresearch GmbH & co. KG.

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