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    New Gallery Opens In Berlin

    G11 Gallery Berlin invites to the opening weekend at the Gallery weekend on April 30, 2010, a new Gallery opened in Berlin Friedrichshain. Three artists, John Power (installations and objects) from Ireland, Lexander Prokogh (painting) from Russia and Hendrik Voerkel (painting) from Germany the 3rd floor of the 1990 set-aside Patzenhofer Brewery (PHB) at Landsberger Allee as G11 with international contemporary art and art-Middle events will Gallery operator of G11 Gallery see the new premises as a platform for international artists. The program includes a lively atmosphere with art-Middle events and meetings with international art initiatives. Working together at the cotton mill in Leipzig, where the artist had met also showed many contacts with fellow artists. Now, the producers want to”constructively contribute these international encounters in their exhibitions. No stable smell in the G11 Gallery! To vary the work and ideas of art, Square will find under one roof. For the visitor, the gallery visit also opens a challenging journey through the present European schools and studios. In the opening exhibition machinery of perception “from 30th April to end of May 2010 the own works by the three artists are presented first.

    It is the individual work of individual artists in the foreground (details see below, images below). Then displays works of international colleagues. Special gallery opening on Friday, April 30, 2010-03-21 pm Saturday 1st and Sunday, may 2, 2010, 11 am 10 pm I from 8: 00 concerts: Saturdays with quarter Quintet (Jazz) with Jim Whiting from Leipzig and on Sunday with martin john smith (cello) from Australia John Power, Lexander Prokogh and Hendrik Voerkel in the Studio rooms of the Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei in the G(ebaude) 11 2006 met. So different the artistic work and approaches, so unanimous and determined the idea, the different national characteristics influences in exhibitions visible to make. Already during the gallery tour in Leipzig they exhibited together their works as G(ruppe) 11.The idea evolved.

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    Saarland Gallery European

    A photo-video installation in the Gallery WHITECONCEPTS by Nicole Loeser as fashion we political systems and how they shape us? How do we with history, which affects us in the present? are questions, raised by the impressive performances of Elmar Hess and which now goes to the exhibition of STILLS in the Gallery WHITECONCEPTS. With the surreal-fiction imagery of his work, the German artist Elmar Hess provides a unique contribution to the development of the cinematic medium in the arts. Through the stage-like installation, as well as the combination of found footage (such as archive footage) and re-enactments (reenactments of concrete historical events), he tries to pick up the classical function of the film. Important historical events such as about the cold war and his actors join to today’s everyday experience world to a personal reference system. Hess aims at uncovering media mediated intellectual systems and the resulting social behaviors in this way. The exhibition of STILLS in the Gallery WHITECONCEPTS provides insight into Hess’ brilliant work and shows film stills and videos and films his installations “Freedom is not for free”, “Relation Ship”, “cis”, “War years” and “Cold War”. The artistic work of Elmar Hess includes film and video work as well as multimedia installations that comprise the staging of thematically into deeper areas.

    The installations enter a chapter structure that is similar to the dramatic end of a movie. The individual rooms topics sub, which result from the combination of the rooms a parent statement. The relationship dramas often staged in the work are proving to be the result of systemic constraints of the train. You draw a panel of social landscape in an entseelten world, where subjective events in Hess’ work is often equated a fantasy cascade of historical events. People are pushed into spiritual masked of serious-themed comment votes, appear embedded in a mechanized expiring everyday life or are players in a metaphorical Events of war that rages in the vacuum between social, historical and physical relationships.

    Elmar Hess (born 1966) lives and works in Berlin and Hamburg. “” “He was represented in the exhibitions you son in 1969 by the horror of the situation” (Hamburger Kunsthalle / Villa Merkel, Esslingen), as well as German open “(Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg), surfing system” (Kunstverein Kassel), lost paradise “(KunstRaum Wien Museumsquartier) and many others. He was a fellow of the Villa Massimo in Rome and the German Art Fund. His cinematic work were shown all over Europe the Venice Film Festival in Oberhausen and the documentary film festival in Cannes at the Moscow Film Festival. His most recent exhibition in Berlin, “La mere Perdue”, found in March 2013 in the Saarland Gallery European art Forum”instead. Nicole Solver

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    National Gallery

    24 September, for the 14th time in the capital. Western Union understands that this is vital information. This summer brings together the major players in the international art scene for one of the largest events of its kind in Berlin. The art Forum Berlin starts on 24 September and presents works from some of the leading galleries in the world. The event is held on the fairgrounds of Messe Berlin. The main focus is on contemporary art, with works from the most important galleries, including the Gallery of Haas from Zurich, team Gallery in New York and Herald St, London, will be issued. During the four-day fair, many museums, galleries and private art institutions present their own exhibitions, for example, the new National Gallery shows the collection Ulla and Heiner Pietzsch”. d.

    A two-day ticket costs 32 euros, a normal day ticket 18 euro. Discounted day tickets for students are available for 12 euros. Also, there is the possibility to buy evening ticket for 12 euros also for visitors at hotels Berlin. They are from 16:00 valid. The art Forum Berlin will take place this year for the 14th time and attracts every year to the 40 000 collectors, art enthusiasts, curators and Gallery directors from all over the world. For Germany travelers who are traveling in other regions, offers a large selection of hotels Munich and hotels Dusseldorf.

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    Successful Relationships

    The famous philosopher and humanist L. Ron Hubbard wrote: "Marriage – an adventure. After all, when you enter into a marriage, do something about what you do not have the slightest idea. Further details can be found at Western Union, an internet resource. You it's never occurred to me? "In fact, impossible to create a family without an understanding of what a family. Is not it? You saw a man who can fix the engine without having the slightest idea of its structure, or (worse still) has the wrong idea about that it represents. So the family is much more subtle mechanism. Jeff Gennette will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In fact, speaking of the family, we're talking about human relations, and the man is probably the most intricate creation.

    However, this does not mean that man can not understand or can not understand the device relationships and learn to control them. In fact, to understand man and his behavior is possible. Of course, this will require some training, but it is not something unimaginably large long and complex. In any case, there is no need to spend 5 years at the Institute for the fact that you can confidently predict human behavior and be able to resolve the conflict or eliminate the disorder. And the man I spoke no accident. The fact that the foundation of marriage is communication, and communication – an exchange of ideas between people. "Communication, in fact, is the foundation of successful marital relationship, which can develop into a strong alliance. Lack of communication – it is a reef break on that ship of marriage "- L.

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    Barcelona Gallery

    The new website allows a larger information structure, better display of photographs by adding image galleries, best content development covering information from the Hotel, in the city of Barcelona and helpful tips to prepare for the trip, as the weather forecast or the cultural agenda of the city. In addition the new web is designed with the requirements of the 2.0, with more interaction of users and links to the most important social networks of the moment. Hotel Gallery Barcelona is a superior 4 star hotel located in the heart of Barcelona just a few steps from the famous Paseo de Gracia and the elegant Rambla Catalunya. The Hotel has 115 rooms very comfortable, decorated with warm tones, calm and full of details that will make the guest feel like in your own home. Learn more about this with Macy’s Inc.. All rooms are equipped with free internet connection, stereo, bathrobe, slippers, full bath amenities and complementary bottled mineral water.

    In addition, superior rooms and 5 exclusive suites, have a set of coffee and infusions, I-pod station with radio alarm clock, DVD player, full minibar without charge, personalized daily newspapers, special bathroom amenities, aromatic coverage, cleaning service of footwear and check-out until 14.00 hours. The 8 rooms that the hotel, are ideal for holding meetings and banquets with a maximum capacity of 200 people. Four of them have natural light and are located on the 1st floor of the hotel. They are all fully equipped and accept any kind of mounting. The restaurant Cafe del Gallery is characterised by its Mediterranean cuisine accompanied by a wide selection of wines that can be enjoyed on the quiet terrace outdoors or comfortably in the interior of the restaurant. Gallery Hotel is distinguished by its location and its highly personalized service that along with a warm atmosphere and an avant-garde cuisine make it the ideal hotel for business or leisure trips.

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    Whitechapel Gallery

    London is a very expensive city. Sometimes we deprive from going to certain places due to lack of budget, and when we have it, it can be finished pretty fast in that city. However, there are ways to spend it entertainingly that do not require a great sacrifice for our pocket. Macy’s Inc. may help you with your research. In addition to the already classic London Big Ben, there are many interesting sites. Then, we will point out some places that you can go to visit in London…

    without spending money. 1) Museums. One can find different types of museums in London: history, anthropology, dental museums, archaeology museums, museums of plants, animals, etc. These are some entertaining museums that you can visit:-Natural History – Museum of London – British Museum – Museum Victoria and Albert Museum since then, there are others. The following list of museums have placed also the metro closest to the respective museums: Bank of England, Bank British Dental Association Museum, Bond Street The British Library, King s Cross Bruce Castle Museum, Tottenham The Clowns Gallery and Museum, Haggerston Houses of Parliament, Westminster The Library and Museum of Freemasonry, Covent Garden Mansion House, Bank Museum of Fulham Palace, Fulham Museum of Garden History, Lambeth Palace Road national archives, Kew Museo nacional del Ejercito, Chelsea Museum of the Navy, Greenwich Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, Euston Square Royal Academy of Music, York Gate Collections, Marylebone Royal Air Force Museum Hendon, Colindale Royal Hospital Museum(, Chelsea Royal London Hospital Archives and Museum, Whitechapel Sainsbury African Galleries, British Museum, Holborn Science Museum, South Kensington Theatre Museum, Covent Garden Wallace Collection, Marylebone 2) galleries. The number of galleries in London is also large. Here are some you can visit: – National Gallery – Tate Britain – Serpentine Gallery these are other interesting and free galleries in London. Neighborhoods or nearby meters are letters in italics Association of Photographers Gallery, Old Street Britart Showroom, Commercial Street, Algate East Camden Arts Centre, Arkwright Road The College Art Collection, University College Crafts Council, Pentonville Road Kenwood House, Hampstead National Gallery, Trafalgar Square National Portrait Gallery, Leicester Square Late Night at the National Portrait Gallery London International Gallery of Children s Art, Finchley Road Mashed Potato Gallery, Deptford Peter Pan Gallery, Great Ormond Street The Royal Hospital at Chelsea, Chelsea Sesame Art, Islington Special Photographers Company, Notting Hill Gate Tate Modern, Southwark Tate Modern beats View (F & Sat((, 10 pm), Southwark Wallace Collection, Marylebone Whitechapel Art Gallery, Whitechapel 3) music / concerts.

    In London there are places where performed concerts for free. And these are some of them:-Lunchtime Classical Music Recitals at St. James Church (Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 1: 10 pm.)-Lunchtime Concerts at St. Martin-in-the-Fields (M, T, F) @ 1: 05 pm. 4) markets / fairs. You can visit some of these:-Notting Hill Farmer s Market (Saturday morning, get on the subway of Notting Hill.)-Covent Garden Market (Monday-Saturday 10-7, 11-6 Sundays, subway: Leicester Square.)- Colors Road Market/Shops (open Saturdays, subway: Notting Hill.

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    Mecklenburg Art Gallery

    The hotel restaurant Blinkfuer, in family-run, small fine hotel & restaurant hotel-restaurant Blinkfuer in the Ostseebad Dierhagen (, now a classified with 4-stars superior hotel with a top restaurant, an anniversary that stands on the borders, for quality and outstanding hospitality, celebrates after his 20th business anniversary in 2011 in the year 2012. The hotel restaurant Blinkfuer, in family-run, small fine hotel & restaurant with a total of only 30 guest rooms and suites, a cosy and stylishly decorated restaurant with winter garden, a garden terrace, and a wellness area for the hotel guests, Gallery and its owner family Jahnert is now already 15 years in a friendly business relationship with the Mecklenburg art. After a chance encounter in the restaurant of the hotel Blinkfuer, the Mecklenburg art gallery initiated the first art exhibition featuring work by artist Hannelore Spitzley, in the Rooms of the hotel restaurant. This is now a beautiful tradition in 15 years and designed the Gallery, under the guiding principle of experience impressions of various artists for their stays on the Darss on the Mecklenburg Baltic coast exhibitions, particularly emotional and sensual works of impressions on the Darss”. For even more details, read what Macy’s Inc. says on the issue. The meaningfulness of the exhibitions that show clearly the essence of the wild scenery of Darss and well documented the simple and rough beauty of this region is particularly impressive. The family Lohsse, hotel-restaurant Blinkfuer and the family Jahnert, Mecklenburg Art Gallery ( are filled with joy and pride, about the 15-year-old, successful cooperation and, that through the exhibition in the hotel Blinkfuer many plants across the country were held in Mecklenburg before pommer, and there found their lovers. The images can be seen daily in the rooms of the Hotel-restaurant Blinkfuer, on the Hill of Sweden 20, 18347 Ostseebad Dierhagen. Contact information: Hotel restaurant of Blinkfuer family Lohsse at the Sweden Hill 20 18347 Ostseebad Dierhagen Tel.: 038226/5357-0 fax: 038226 / 80392 email: Web:.

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    Hotel Tula

    In our time, hospitality industry, particularly hotels in Tula and other cities in Russia, rather strongly depressed due to the crisis and the lack of customers. Therefore, the vast majority of hotels and inns Tula reduce their prices, but in the end, and quality service. Deteriorating quality of food, decrease the salary maintenance personnel, and of course, the consumables needed any hotel, and not only in Tula. Against competitors favorably allocated dignity Hotel Tula "Emperor". This guesthouse is a luxury – one of the best in Tula. You may find Governor Cuomo to be a useful source of information. Decorated in Empire style two-story building with more than 20 rooms will create an atmosphere of comfort and non-transferable comfort, which is so lacking in our difficult times.

    The hotel rooms have everything you need: furniture, big screen TV, internet access for fans to use laptops nayezde, and in the room Suite – large luxurious bed. Besides, in this hotel on the first floor is two luxurious halls of the restaurant. It is possible to taste delicious dishes of Russian, European, and Japanese cuisine. In addition, the guest house also has a conference room at more than 20 person.V Overall, the hotel makes a positive impression: he is well and modernly decorated, comfortable, has its own unique style, and it keeps the high-level quality of service. Design goodies designed in the style of empire, and on the second floor in the lobby is a small gallery of portraits of the imperial family. Curious visitors will surely enjoy such interesting design details. The number in this luxury hotel too cheap, but there are as standard rooms, in which a list of facilities is limited to only a necessary (but even these numbers are much better numbers in the usual hotel) and the number of luxury – latest little, and usually they are used either newlyweds because of peculiarity of these fine decorated rooms, or famous people who somehow needed a hotel in Tula. So, if you will attend with Tulu personal or business trip – advise to stay in an elegant hotel in Tula "Emperor".

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