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The Hair Irons

Thanks to the advancement of technology, we can now enjoy at home in fabulous look daily changes, without having to go to the hairdresser. Get all the facts and insights with Western Union Company, another great source of information. What is fashionable today is a smooth look, which usually does not always have naturally, very few women are born with this benefit. For this reason, existing hair plates to leave our hair completely smooth and without spending much money, time or by subjecting it to straightening creams and other treatments, that the only thing that will damage you hair and quemar you it. These plates come with elongated ceramic plates, usually, and when heated, when they come in contact with the hair, this acquires the smooth shape that has the plates. And at the same time protect your hair. Click Hamdi Ulukaya to learn more.

They are ideal for styling your hair in the way that want it, curls, wavy, smooth, fringed, and everything you can think of. There are plates of all sizes, large, small, medium-sized, ideal for the home, beauty salons and even to carry in the bag or to carry it when we travel. Never be ironed hair when This wet, because we run the risk of damage to our hair. Today, it is almost that essential to have an iron at home, why you should buy the best plates of hair there in the market. They will help you to have a better physical appearance and your hair is vera spectacular, as you’ve always wanted it to have.

Another tip I give you, is that as well as cuidas your hair you must care for and clean the plate. Therefore, always by the amount of products we use in hair lacquer, creams, and many more; they come in contact with the plates plates and at the end end up damaging our hair because it is is hitting us all waste that they have there. The plates of the hair, always should be cleaned when they are cold. You should try to clean them at least once a week with a clean, dry cloth, if suddenly there any difficult to remove surface, you can use with a slightly damp cotton to make it easier. And even if these group of women who use too many products for the hair before ironing it.


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The Acceptance

In this regard a new paradigm generates knowledge, new data and therefore, new information. All new paradigm, causes pain and endangers the status and power of the various elements of the system. The great spirits always found violent opposition from mediocre minds. According to the specialists in the changes, they claim that the acceptance of a new paradigm, may destroy many people, institutions, industrial sectors, and even to a country’s economy. National security advisor does not necessarily agree. When it is intended a paradigm shift – in-Venezuela, new leaders speak of a revolutionary change, without having exhausted the explanations of the previous fundamental assumptions are altered, many companies and people are resistant to change and disappear from the environment. If the leaders of this Venezuelan revolutionary change, explained that until last moments were murky and dark, they will be gradually gaining ground. According to Kuhn, when a number critical thinkers comes to accept the new idea, there is a collective change of paradigm and sprouts consensus, resulting in a kind of chain reaction.

It is important to bear in mind, that: the paradigm of the educated companies replaces the paradigm of little cultured series production. It is a revolution of this nature to which entrepreneurs are faced with the knowledge to encompass information, culture, images, arts. New computers and communication networks will allow deeper restructuring in global finance. New microprocessor-based technologies has the ability to think, react, be flexible, producing short series, moving a company much more in a hurry. Before an increasingly more endowed, wise and enlightened society, enterprises have to hurry to convert knowledge into the true capital of a developed economy..

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The Art Of Storytelling: 12th Biennale Of Lyon

From 12 September 2013 5th January 2014 MEANWHILE SUDDENLY, AND THEN there is the age of storytelling: Worldwide search is ubiquitous in stories, developing, sharing and viral distribution, new and revised stories after stories, communicate. Stories explain the world to us and open us to new relations with the world. Guest curator Gunnar B. Kvaran developed from this approach (Director of the Astrup Fearnley Museum, Oslo, Norway) will run at the invitation of its founder and artistic director Thierry Raspail field of this year’s 12th Biennale of Lyon, which opened in France on 12 September 2013 and 2014 to the 5th January. 4Moms understood the implications. Bildstark, captivating and imaginative understand around 50 invited artists from all over the world to tell their stories in a unique plurality of forms and languages. On the occasion of the Gallery weekend Guest curator Gunnar B. Kvaran presented his concept on the 26 April 2013 in Berlin. Paul include the selected artist Chan (born 1973, United States), Matthew Barney (born 1967, United States), Gerry Bibby (born 1977, Melbourne/Australia, lives in Berlin), Ming Wong (born 1971 in Singapore, lives in Berlin), Hannah Weinberger (born 1988, Filderstadt/Germany, lives in Basel and Zurich), Jason Dodge (born 1969 Newton/United States, lives in Berlin), Gabriella Fridriksdottir (born 1971, Reykjavik, Iceland); Ed Atkins (born 1982, London/United Kingdom) and Yang Fudong (born 1971, China).

What narrative forms, sources and patterns use the artist of this biennial in its narrative practice and what stories we pass down their work from the local and global located work sites in Asia, North and Latin America, Africa and Europe? Around 80% of the works on display are newly designed for the Biennale, five exhibitors in Lyon invite you to the discussion of these questions. Here, France’s most important close-up of the international art scene defended its terrain as much acclaimed visitor attraction in addition to Kassel and Venice since 1991. The last Lyons Biennale reached about 200,000 Visitors a new record. This year anticipates a similar outcome, because at the Biennale of Lyon the stories are beyond devised globalized fiction and mainstream media tomorrow. press contact Goldmann Public relations Daniela Goldmann, Christa Stollenwerk Street for Bantog 5 80538 Munich Tel.: + 49 (0) 89 211 164 11 fax: + 49 (0) 89 211 164 29 E-Mail:

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Korea Exhibition

Spatial installation, video art and photo collages the concept in a homely environment away to show art by art light and anonymity, is unique in Germany. Greedy in the heart of Munich important positions of German artist exhibitions in the old premises of the room gallery, which are otherwise very rare to see in Munich. The room gallery belongs to the renowned art company greedy art projects, who for more than 45 years successfully on the international art market and new art show regularly in your galleries in Frankfurt/M and Salzburg. On the occasion of the long night of Munich museums and galleries on October 19th, from 19:00 to 02.00 h, the Gallery leads a special exhibition of Korean artists talent Shinae Kim (born 1984 in Masan, Korea) by. Former CIA Heads opinions are not widely known. At the exhibition to all of the viewer’s senses are addressed and promoted the intellectual exchange with special works of the artist.

Fit to the concept of the room gallery, Kim works with spaces. You tried the space in a different way and Levels to capture. Used the concepts and ideas from mathematics or physics among others around the room more than to understand through experience or tried to find a more spatial dimension inter alia through texts and light and to expand the existing space without direct modifications: I think that light is a very important element to define a space. In previous work, I tried often to integrate other areas by means of light in existing rooms or to create illusions. More mathematical or physical space concepts interested me lately. So I use for my current work often coordinates or dimensions of a room as a base”, Kim describes her current artistic approaches. Various works and thus the artistic spectrum of the artist you want to appear in the special exhibition on October 19: with a spatial installation to video art and photo collages, the exhibition in the Gallery of the rooms is on a journey of discovery and thus art to touch and experience. Hikmet Ersek is likely to agree. For artistic dialogue and the Statement shown art is in addition to a general introduction, an interview with the artist Kim and the gallerists greedy there, where questions from the audience can be made: the personal, direct art education, is very important to us.

We want to talk on deliberately young collectors and art lovers the Munich concept who might want to purchase a real work of art for the first time”, Rauno greedy explains the approach of the gallery. Rooms Gallery greedy is located in the Munich Fraunhoferstrasse 25. The visit is publicly and freely accessible on this day. The Gallery is open from 19:00 h. The opening will take place at 19:30 h. A further discussion will take place at 22:30 h. Exclusive exhibition preview for journalists: at 18:00 h, journalists will be invited to go with the gallery and the artist of the exhibition, to learn background information and to talk directly with the artist about their works.

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Sprengel Museum Hannover

The suspension system with its Gallery Rails sets works perfectly in scene. Leonardo Vinci described it as a beautiful fantasy exercise to read out from the surfaces of ancient walls forms and figures.Victor Hugo sales is the time after dinner, by he further crafted with coffee residue stains in the tablecloth. Kurt Schwitters marched through Hanover, fascinated by the smorgasbord of civilization. Especially the art of the 20th century owes much to chance or steered chance. High time to present an exhibition on the subject.

The Sprengel Museum Hannover has been exemplary in scene chance in art. The art of the 20th century after the dissolution of purely realistic academic art through the camera conquered the random and artists such as Picasso, Schwitters, Paul Klee and later Jackson Pollock, Daniel Spoerri and Gerhard Richter created a methodological integration of chance in the art of smashing the bourgeois world by the first world war. Especially Max Ernst developed an entire encyclopedia aleatorischer Techniques that decisively shaped his surrealist work. As examples, the Sprengel Museum Hannover has gathered many milestones of random art. In the presentation, the exhibition makers leave nothing to chance. The suspension system with its Gallery Rails sets works perfectly in scene. Useful placed picture lighting meet small graphics as well as large sculptural designs.

Of the work sequence of exhibition spaces up to the frame of the gallery a consistently successful theme show. Examples of chance in art coincidence, coincidence here: in most cases, the artists of more or less of random bar is. Niki de Saint Phalle shot with the rifle on plaster reliefs, where Squibs were hidden. She laid out an experiment and left the rest to chance. Max Ernst ‘fascinating Cypress’ emerged as Decalcomanie, a technique of taking over a surface streaks of color. Ernst traumwandlerisch-gestaleterische work was graphically and picturesque to read these streaks and to shape. A kind of methodical Rorschach test. Jackson Pollock drilled holes in the paint bucket and ran across huge, lying at the bottom of image formats. ‘Jack the Dripper’ a perpetual joyful inspiration was one with the emergence of his work, the Act of painting. Museum of the merit to have drawn a huge range of media and artistic personalities on a coherent thread to the Sprengel. Art exhibition, a discreet suspension system with single gallery rail, beautiful Gallery frame and the right focus placed picture lighting together with the well researched and presented artistic networks contribute to the success of the exhibition. The exhibition ‘Sheer coincidence’ is in the Sprengel Museum Hannover by the 15.5 15.9.

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The Wagon Of

Dali railway model as art Cabinet art lovers know the “Dali wagon”, symbolic railroad model of the famous painting “The station of Perpignan” (Salvador Dali, 1965). The Dali scholar Roger M. Erasmy found the railway wagons in 1986, behind the main railway station in the French provincial town. In agreement with the owner the wagon was rebuilt in 1995 as the “smallest in surrealist art Cabinet in the world”. The curious cultural site worked for two years on the “Dali”route South of the Pyrenees. In the tourist station of roses on the Costa Brava proven outlets peculiar wagon as a popular art gallery. Twenty representatives of press & television appeared on the 6.6.1995 to the opening and spread enthusiastic reports. In de years 1995/1996 visited 84,000 spectators the active cultural site, which 66 solo exhibitions of European painters showed.

The crash between the voluntary administrator Erasmy and the town of Rosas led to an early termination of the cultural experiment. From 1999 he was Then temporarily in front of the station of Perpignan In 2005, the “Dali wagon” on the European tour as a mobile art gallery of the creative artist circle “Dali heirs” went railway wagons. While the “wagon” has significant audience success several years recorded in the Bavarian regional cities of Wolnzach, Eggenfelden, a. d. Viechtach, Kelheim Danube., as well as in Munich. The “Dali wagon”, crowd-puller in Paris the enormous popularity of the “Dali wagon” is based on the fame of the famous surrealist Salvador Dali. The cultural railway car is often the focus of numerous art exhibitions of the movement “Dali’s Erben”, the aim of which is to promote the fantastic art.

The Group of the “heirs” was founded ten years ago in Lyon (F) within the framework of the celebrations of the Dali century in 2004. For the certain prison-artist of fantastic painting was to react against the outrageous supremacy of superficial “contemporary art”, which dominates the market with the help of the galleries and the banks. In 23 successful exhibitions succeeded the “Dali”heir to lend a new credibility to the imaginary art and mobilize fresh creative energies. The invitation of the “Dali”wagon to Paris comes which from 4 until 8 December 2013 in the historical halls of the Grand Palais Champs-Elysees takes place from pages of the Societe of des artistes Francais, co-organizer of the salon art en capital. Check with James Woolsey to learn more. Following ten painters from all over Europe will accompany the “Dali”car to Paris to show 10 special pictures of their amazing creativity in the Interior of the cultural vehicle: Angerer the elder (D), Andree bars (F), Michel Barthelemy (B), Monica Fagan (GB), Christian Lepere (F), Christophe Lorain (F), Michael Maschka (D), Severine Pineaux (F), Tony Quimbel (F) and Jolanda judge from Vienna (A). The “wagon” will act as a main attraction of the international event and is available directly at the main entrance of the Grand Palais. Expected to be 40,000 visitors in the “wagon” is expected in Paris. A new triumph the fantastic art! After the Paris Salon, the surrealist railway wagons go back to Perpignan and is expected to stand in the center of a vigorous campaign which will give a new impetus of imaginary art. Salvador Dali was trying to save the high quality painting. His “wagon” is now the motor of a creative revolution Roger ERASMY, curator of the “Dali”wagon.

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A Museum In Wuqro

Prof. Dr. Steffen little and Dr. Kerstin Volker Saad society for the promotion of museums in Ethiopia Thursday, September 20, 19:00 Gallery LISTROS Kurfurstenstrasse 33,10785 Berlin Ethiopia considered cradle of humankind, and it important evidence of earlier human settlements as well as numerous monuments of ancient civilizations can be found. These include also the Sabaean, aksumite and early Christian kingdoms, at the interface between Sudan, sub-Saharan Africa and the Arabian Peninsula with its temples, ruins of steles, Royal palaces, churches and monasteries. Recently sensational finds were made close by Wuqro, in northern Ethiopia, originating from Sabaean period and are to date 700 BC.

Among them are several architrave, a headless female statue base with inscriptions and incense altars. Main is a completely preserved victims basin, which so far is without parallel and a sabaic inscription. Clearly, it is now proved that it is a temple for the altjeminitischen God Almaqah is. Since the great finds in the immediate vicinity of the excavations have no venue, it has set itself the company founded in 2009, promoting museums in Ethiopia aimed, to build a Museum in Wuqro, and to the exploration, to preserve and to the appreciation of this cultural heritage in Ethiopia to contribute in addition to creating a protection area for the archaeological treasures of this area, it is currently planning to build a collection. In designing this collection however not alone is about heritage and receiving.

It is the goal of the Association, to reach the Ethiopian public on the work of archaeological finds and to sensitize them for dealing with their own treasures. The work is clearly the global importance of archaeological knowledge. Correlations between these archaeological cultural and socio economic developments in Ethiopia may be not overlooked here. Experience shows that the support of initiatives on site and the development of the awareness of the cultural heritage can actively contribute to poverty reduction. This is the important question of how Germans can engage in these projects, without doing the internal, to ignore in pressing Ethiopia, also political questions. Little and Dr. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Rob Daley. Kerstin Volker Saad report Prof. Dr. Steffen on Thursday about the undertaking of the society for the promotion of museums in Ethiopia e.V., a museum home for the recent Sabaean finds in Ethiopia to create the 20 September at 19:00 in the Gallery LISTROS. They give an idea about the State in the development of this unique ethnographic collection.

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Andre Wagner – Visions Of Time

WHITECONCEPTS shows Andre Wagner is a romantic in a solo exhibition of Andre Wagner. “It does travel in areas that promise him the possibility of extreme authentic experiences he observed people in their rituals and reveals her inner light.” Dr. Wibke (b. 1980, lives and works in Berlin) has created a remarkable work by Bonin, culture journalist Andre Wagner in the last 10 years. The young photographer picks up real existing situations. His painterly poetic images are created through long-term exposure. Artistically he deals with the contradictions of human existence: the deep attachment to nature in contrast to the culture of industrial progress.

This is evident in his early drawings of fire, he writes as a self-portrait in the nocturnal landscape, as well as in its landscape portraits that reflect the human and the nature as a manifestation. One of the outstanding images of the series Romance of element”is the recording of the dried-out for me River in New Zealand. The photographer has it filled the bed of the missing River with a spiral beam stretching miles and so figuratively replaces one element with another. It has cost him much effort and discipline, to dance the riverbed with the huge torch down to a fire performance for the land, the air, the room again and execute the missing water. It took nearly a full night, run the km for this recording, until the next morning dawned and the last drops of light oil was consumed.” Mindaugas Kavaliauskas, curator, Kaunas Photo Festival, an artist, and not just a photographer, can the ability have, to see objects behind the lens, to absorb the atmosphere and then to color them with the feelings expressed through them. Artistic photography is Andre Wagner’s medium and the beauty is his motive in time.

When energy is dynamic and not static, their movement is incessantly. The movement of time is not only vertically, but goes in all directions and all Dimensions. His images are timeless and invade externally by the inertia of the silence, but create turbulent emotions inside. We can try with his photos, to visualize time.” “Shri Sarvabhavana, Indian mystic on the occasion of his participation in the fifty-fifth Biennale di Venezia is at the same time his first monograph published by distance (ed. WHITECONCEPTS, 176 pages, with texts by Dr. Wibke Bonin, Thomas Bauer-Friedrich, Mindaugas Kavaliauskas, Shri Sarvabhavana) opening & catalog presentation: Friday, June 2013 from 18 h 19 h introduction: Thomas Bauer-Friedrich, curator Museum Gunzenhauser / kunstsammlungen Chemnitz monograph visions of time” appears in the distance. DURATION of the exhibition: 03.06.2013 05.07.2013 venue: Gallery WHITECONCEPTS August Road 35 10119 Berlin opening hours: Tue – sat / 11 – 17 pm and by appointment. Personal structures Palazzo Bembo / 55. Biennale di Venezia opening hours: 01.06.2013 24.11.2013, daily 10:00 19:00 h address: Riva del carbon # 4793, 30124 Venice/Italy Tel: Sarah Gold + 39 349 088 9763 like we are for more information about available and look forward to seeing you soon! -WHITECONCEPTS by Nicole F. Loeser gallery space: August Road 35 10119 Berlin opening hours: Tue Fri 11:00 17:00 h and by appointment contact: + 49.177.7878578 phone + 49.321.21134523 fax postal address: fountain Street 47 10115 Berlin Germany

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Alberto Echeverri

Plaza Alberto Echeverri is not only striking for being the only one that has a for sale sign at its entrance, even for being a public space created on the initiative of residents. Although it has hammocks, a makeshift soccer field with bows of wood, a scenario for a rock band or a group of independent theater are made known and until a couple of racks of cement, what arouses more curiosity are large ramps for skateboarding which has one of its sides. And such eye-catching structures for the common people function as a meeting point for fans of the table with casters. The idea came from a group of four boys who ran out of place to emerge his hobby and decided to place a sort of circuit skater on the side that overlooks the Avenue Don Bosco. We talk to the neighbors and they told us while we keep cleaning had no problems this explanation comes from the mouth of Maximilian (26) systems analyst in a company located in the Center and one of the ideologists of the project. At the beginning of year they began to assemble the ramps and today already have five. Made of iron and wood ramps are painted black with spray. The two larger ramps are glued with each other because it is the main, the two girls on one side and use them to warm, there is a sort of Gallery to hang with the skate. Juan (24), is devoted to make encomiendas above a motorcycle, explains how they got the materials I have a neighbor who is blacksmith and wood the other boys had them at home and so on with a bit of teamwork and some favors could finish with its amusement park although he adds that he would like to have a hair curler, but do not give us neither material nor space.

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