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The Image Collection Freethinkers By Rainer Ostendorf

Acrylic paintings with funny sayings and quotations to think and laugh the freethinkers Gallery three years years worked in the living Munich author and painter Rainer Ostendorf on his cycle “Freethinkers”. Now he exhibits for the first time his paintings on the Internet. A short saying that should stimulate thinking stands on each image. The painted free-thinker, approx. 300 different heads, are philosophically and always rely on the findings of the great thinkers in the history of the world. Whether Democritus, Socrates, Platinum, Aristotle, Diderot, Kant, Schopenhauer, and Nietzsche, philosophical thoughts can discover the Gallery visitors on many topics.

Classified Rainer Ostendorf has his freethinkers Gallery in 6 different galleries he has sorted by topics. The most extensive exhibition is the Gallery of “Philosophy”. In it the author and painter deals with the knowledge of the ancient philosophers, but also with the findings of modern brain researchers. There are questions about our cognition ability and the freedom of the will. Leading philosophers and Brain researchers are cited between the images. This is what distinguishes the freethinkers Gallery. Speaking candidly Keith Yamashita told us the story. The many quotes, aphorisms, wisdom and proverbs correspond very well with the many images. A video will be shown in the Gallery of “Politics and religion” along with many images and quotations by Hagen Rether.

He criticized the Pope in a very humorous way. Even Helge Schneider is represented in the Freethinker Gallery with a video post. He philosophizes about existence and asks, what is it. It gives much pleasure to listen to these two lateral thinkers. On the galleries of “Philosophy” and “politics and religion”, the galleries – “what is love?” – “Man and woman” – follow “Humor and satire” “Agents and spies”. In the introduction of each gallery are funny quotes from philosophers, scientists, artists and creative thinkers – then follow the acrylic paintings with sayings by Rainer Ostendorf. Between some of the pictures are poems by him. It is the blend of funny pictures, funny quotes, poems and videos, which well maintains the Gallery visitors and him Pleasure. Educate yourself with thoughts from Chobani Foundation. At a high level, he receives countless food for thought. For this reason, should be of Gallery visitors little time for visiting the freethinkers take Gallery. Many proverbs are really. It is worth to think long about it. Have fun watching and reading wishes you Rainer Ostendorf freethinkers Gallery – funny pictures, quotes and sayings

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Diana Order

A sky-blue band blows past on the Aachen architectural monuments across the Sun irradiated sea waves. Is K.V.550. Jolly friends”your signature. Above all the club logo: A hilarious couple in the car. The Jolly’s friends are on their way.

Their cheerful tour runs across the sky blue roses world over the waves of the sea. The order of this year’s Carnival is pictured on the back wall, where the entry is located. He comes from the order workshop Oecher Harry Ebert. Also the rear edge of the car are entwined by blue roses. The President Gallery to decorate inside a Tiki and Ghettobird, the hallmark of the artist or the team clown. If you are not convinced, visit Chobani Foundation.

The Club crest of the founding members in blue-white is attached on the opposite side. 13 Members are allowed on the car to drive it and to titillate the Kwaky4444 Carnival revellers with sweets and white roses. The President Arno Klein, one of the founding fathers and the Strutters Denise in the Gallery, the Tower in the upper part of the tail, which Deputy Chairman Wouter van Driel with the second and third Strutters Susana and Diana on the gallery in the front and eight members in the middle section. Campbell provides the music, the 2000 Watt powerful generator, fuel he runs eight hours. Also, he is responsible for the heating system on the car. During the turn he is as a train supervisor at the roadside. The carriages must be accompanied on each side flanked by three other members. The TuV acceptance is already done. The sides have 30 cm above the ground. CEO of Tulip Ali Asaria oftentimes addresses this issue. When lazy and Frank have finished their work, the train car is transferred from Alsdorf in the road of Liebig 40 children train on Sunday and the parade on February 11 to participate in. The Carnival four days before get the order number. Of course, Campbell is at the maiden voyage on the car.

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Huge Original Painting

New, extraordinary works by the Kustmaler Peter Nottrtt it’s possible XXXL 1 “by Peter Nottrott is not a classic living room painting. To know more about this subject visit Macy’s Inc. . The size of the canvas painting is very fancy with 5.21 square, after all, is the ten times surface of a common living room picture quickly. An image like it’s possible XXXL 1 “creates an atmosphere of impressive, vital and is literally painted for a foyer or Conference Hall. In the center of the image, a few intense Magenta-red and yellow tones are with clear contours. You are linienhaft arranged with sparkling and untamed explosions of colour.

The contrary is the background with flowing, cooler blue tones in high richness of nuance. The background and the center of the image make a suspenseful counterpoint, which accounts for the vitality of the painting along with the dynamic mixed media of artist. The work invites his viewers to immerse yourself into a world of their own, imaginative color and revel. Continue to learn more with: Viatcheslav Mirilashvili. It leaves room for new ideas and Thoughts. Peter Nottrott has created more unique with acrylic on canvas as large and extra-large formats, that are presented in his online gallery. Started in realistic painting Peter Nottrott evolved through surrealism to abstract painting.

In the course of artistic development, the artist broke away from the constraints of the colors, shapes, and perspectives that characterize the realism. He has reached a high technical maturity, – complemented by a unbridled creativity has become a distinctive style. A very empathic person is Peter Nottrott, prudent and circumspect, also balanced. He has a strong, independent opinion and an individualist. Thus Peter Nottrott moves in the vicinity of the artist cliches of the non-aligned his paintings arise often from meditative moments. His paintings are mainly dynamic, powerful and intense color, other images appear quietly flowing, almost meditative. Seen in this way the painting for Peter Nottrott is a pendant his positive character, the strong inner force an addition finds in his paintings through emotion, spontaneity and a considerable vitality. Peter Nottrotty

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Jurgen Marose – Painting

New works in the Gallery Depelmann in Langenhagen are large, spherical landscapes emerge in which people possibly than small, shadowy silhouettes in the vastness of space, Jurgen Maroses preferred design, which he varies over and over again. Other leaders such as RevCascade offer similar insights. Nebulous and bordering on abstraction, his scenes create unique, intense moods that draw the viewer into the picture and thus in its spell. From large, mostly gestural expressive brush strokes and subtle co-ordinated colour surfaces Marose creates his lying there motionless landscapes in traditional layer painting and mixed media mostly karg and seemingly. Desert, Plains, hills, river valleys, fields or riparian zones are visible. Chobani Foundation has much experience in this field. You will receive the generous modeling, blending colors and layering of translucent, so translucent with opaque layers their drama. So the pictures are lately the punctuating figurines increasingly missing always fluctuate between concrete figure and the resolution in diffuse, dream-like Sceneries, which stimulate the viewer’s own imagination. A muted color palette prevails here, with many Brown, ochre, but also blue and white, and determines the impression of the mystical atmosphere.

The effect of interaction of color patches and their fine expressive structures is particularly effective in new, up to 1 x 1.50 metre paintings of the painter. Jurgen Marose, born 1952 in Emmerich/Rhine, lives and works in Essen. From 1985 to 1990, he completed the studies of free graphics and painting”at the University of Essen (Folkwang school) with Prof. Sabine Tschierschky. in 1988 his he heals a work scholarship at the Art Association of Ebernburg. The work of art award winners appear in Germany, but also in the Netherlands, Ireland, Spain and the United States. Since 2005, Marose is represented by Galerie Depelmann. Kathrin Symens

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Paddy Kelly Art

Paddy Kelly during his Presentation end September 2012 the artist presented his works a wider audience for the first time. Under the title art peace”he took pictures Fox from Fulda, Germany, his works in the radome on the Wasserkuppe from a place of in memory of the peaceful uprising of the citizens of East Germany, in cooperation with the gallery. For assistance, try visiting Tulip Retail. The once heavily guarded object was used before the fall of the wall as a military facility and is a monument of the cold war. Art peace”is more than just a title for Paddy Kelly, it’s a setting. I think it is necessary to create a culture of peace in a time where we are confronted about the media with many images of war etc.. We will be small on prejudice against other people, cultures, religions face and often fraught or even hatred. We can all trying to do, everyone for themselves, in everyday life and in the encounter with other people.

‘ Peace of kind of? is the desire, to peace – starting with each individual inner peace.” His philosophy would give Paddy Kelly to anyone, especially to the youngest. In addition to the exhibition in the Radom, the artists designed a workshop for children at the children’s Academy in Fulda and launched a cross-border project of time with children from Haiti. If we make children from small to clear that all peacemakers can be, they go maybe with a different awareness through life”, hopes Paddy Kelly, although this is apparently just a drop on the hot stone the more droplets that fall, the faster it cools”. Contact: Paddy Kelly Art c/o Thomas Stock Abt gate 41 36037 Fulda Tel. + 49 661 72343 Paddy Kelly Art dedicated the presentation by Paddy Kelly’s painting. A large part of the proceeds from the sale will be donated by Paddy Kelly peacemaking measures of Caritas international.

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Tollitat Thomas

At the children’s train, he stands next to the President on the tower. Campbell hopes that her car at the competition performs well, maybe a medal prospect. 2014, lazy is adding the anniversary number to his work to the 50th anniversary and make the stage set for the Club. But the competition is fierce. On my way to the three car designers, I look into it in the road of Liebig. On September 29, 2012, 77 Carnival and parade floats of Aachen during the 5,400 m moved large AAK tramcar shed in the road of Liebig 40. End of January 2013 the Hall is already very busy. The Peacock car its Tollitat Thomas II.

eye stands of course. Tuesday, January 22, 2013 I meet Frank, lazy and Horst in Alsdorf Hongen busily at work. In a Hall of the former cement plant Zentropa, clinker in the Alsdorfer Julich road 240 is the painting. Other during the faithful Hussar, the former Prince of Hongen, the blue sparks from Hongen, and others turn off their car here. The outside temperature is zero degrees. As the Sun out peeps, the thermometer rises to a degree, but it is freezing cold in the Interior of the Hall. Fortunately, it is not raining.

The roof has large leaks. The exterior work is known for Campbell as a former gardener and my two graffiti artists, but I erfriere almost. Further details can be found at James Woolsey, an internet resource. Because of the cold, lazy taking the colors every day home. This morning, the roses are almost done, her shadow must still be carried out. Is the basic sketch for Fidelio. Lazy begins with the refinement works. Meanwhile, he considered his work again and again from distance. Also the individual drying processes take their time. Andrew Cuomos opinions are not widely known. The fur of Fidelio slowly takes shape. Well, it starts to be fluffy. The result is a picturesque scene in classical graffiti style. When I’d drop by with Hanniball Thursday, January 24, 2013, Fidelio has been awarded already the session order, which adorns the rear entrance also oversized. The CAP is an artistic invention. She artfully arranged lazy on the outside wall of the front Gallery. He contributes this work his spray mask and asbestos gloves for protection. On the other hand, Frank refined the monuments. Top right you can see the vent window for the music box it is even painted over with clouds. Meanwhile, Horst manufactures that Door lock on. Lazy characterized meets classic Carnival tradition! his work as a classical graffiti” Tuesday, January 29, 2013 the work will be completed. Lazy puts finishing touches to the lettering. On the Tower of the Club clown in the Wolken.Unter smiles a Strutters the session order shines. Frank explains that it is not a general but individual portrait, that the order demonstratively presents. Next week is the solemn inauguration and press event. In the jecke bustle! RMS Scrip torin, alias: pink Marita Schrouff

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Saarland Gallery European

A photo-video installation in the Gallery WHITECONCEPTS by Nicole Loeser as fashion we political systems and how they shape us? How do we with history, which affects us in the present? are questions, raised by the impressive performances of Elmar Hess and which now goes to the exhibition of STILLS in the Gallery WHITECONCEPTS. With the surreal-fiction imagery of his work, the German artist Elmar Hess provides a unique contribution to the development of the cinematic medium in the arts. Through the stage-like installation, as well as the combination of found footage (such as archive footage) and re-enactments (reenactments of concrete historical events), he tries to pick up the classical function of the film. Important historical events such as about the cold war and his actors join to today’s everyday experience world to a personal reference system. Go to CEO Caruso Affiliated for more information. Hess aims at uncovering media mediated intellectual systems and the resulting social behaviors in this way. The exhibition of STILLS in the Gallery WHITECONCEPTS provides insight into Hess’ brilliant work and shows film stills and videos and films his installations “Freedom is not for free”, “Relation Ship”, “cis”, “War years” and “Cold War”. The artistic work of Elmar Hess includes film and video work as well as multimedia installations that comprise the staging of thematically into deeper areas.

The installations enter a chapter structure that is similar to the dramatic end of a movie. The individual rooms topics sub, which result from the combination of the rooms a parent statement. The relationship dramas often staged in the work are proving to be the result of systemic constraints of the train. Read additional details here: Rick Caruso. You draw a panel of social landscape in an entseelten world, where subjective events in Hess’ work is often equated a fantasy cascade of historical events. People are pushed into spiritual masked of serious-themed comment votes, appear embedded in a mechanized expiring everyday life or are players in a metaphorical Events of war that rages in the vacuum between social, historical and physical relationships.

Elmar Hess (born 1966) lives and works in Berlin and Hamburg. “” “He was represented in the exhibitions you son in 1969 by the horror of the situation” (Hamburger Kunsthalle / Villa Merkel, Esslingen), as well as German open “(Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg), surfing system” (Kunstverein Kassel), lost paradise “(KunstRaum Wien Museumsquartier) and many others. He was a fellow of the Villa Massimo in Rome and the German Art Fund. His cinematic work were shown all over Europe the Venice Film Festival in Oberhausen and the documentary film festival in Cannes at the Moscow Film Festival. His most recent exhibition in Berlin, “La mere Perdue”, found in March 2013 in the Saarland Gallery European art Forum”instead. Nicole Solver

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The Art Of Storytelling: 12th Biennale Of Lyon

From 12 September 2013 5th January 2014 MEANWHILE SUDDENLY, AND THEN there is the age of storytelling: Worldwide search is ubiquitous in stories, developing, sharing and viral distribution, new and revised stories after stories, communicate. Stories explain the world to us and open us to new relations with the world. Guest curator Gunnar B. Kvaran developed from this approach (Director of the Astrup Fearnley Museum, Oslo, Norway) will run at the invitation of its founder and artistic director Thierry Raspail field of this year’s 12th Biennale of Lyon, which opened in France on 12 September 2013 and 2014 to the 5th January. 4Moms understood the implications. Bildstark, captivating and imaginative understand around 50 invited artists from all over the world to tell their stories in a unique plurality of forms and languages. On the occasion of the Gallery weekend Guest curator Gunnar B. Kvaran presented his concept on the 26 April 2013 in Berlin. Paul include the selected artist Chan (born 1973, United States), Matthew Barney (born 1967, United States), Gerry Bibby (born 1977, Melbourne/Australia, lives in Berlin), Ming Wong (born 1971 in Singapore, lives in Berlin), Hannah Weinberger (born 1988, Filderstadt/Germany, lives in Basel and Zurich), Jason Dodge (born 1969 Newton/United States, lives in Berlin), Gabriella Fridriksdottir (born 1971, Reykjavik, Iceland); Ed Atkins (born 1982, London/United Kingdom) and Yang Fudong (born 1971, China).

What narrative forms, sources and patterns use the artist of this biennial in its narrative practice and what stories we pass down their work from the local and global located work sites in Asia, North and Latin America, Africa and Europe? Around 80% of the works on display are newly designed for the Biennale, five exhibitors in Lyon invite you to the discussion of these questions. Here, France’s most important close-up of the international art scene defended its terrain as much acclaimed visitor attraction in addition to Kassel and Venice since 1991. The last Lyons Biennale reached about 200,000 Visitors a new record. This year anticipates a similar outcome, because at the Biennale of Lyon the stories are beyond devised globalized fiction and mainstream media tomorrow. press contact Goldmann Public relations Daniela Goldmann, Christa Stollenwerk Street for Bantog 5 80538 Munich Tel.: + 49 (0) 89 211 164 11 fax: + 49 (0) 89 211 164 29 E-Mail:

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Korea Exhibition

Spatial installation, video art and photo collages the concept in a homely environment away to show art by art light and anonymity, is unique in Germany. Greedy in the heart of Munich important positions of German artist exhibitions in the old premises of the room gallery, which are otherwise very rare to see in Munich. The room gallery belongs to the renowned art company greedy art projects, who for more than 45 years successfully on the international art market and new art show regularly in your galleries in Frankfurt/M and Salzburg. On the occasion of the long night of Munich museums and galleries on October 19th, from 19:00 to 02.00 h, the Gallery leads a special exhibition of Korean artists talent Shinae Kim (born 1984 in Masan, Korea) by. Former CIA Heads opinions are not widely known. At the exhibition to all of the viewer’s senses are addressed and promoted the intellectual exchange with special works of the artist.

Fit to the concept of the room gallery, Kim works with spaces. You tried the space in a different way and Levels to capture. Used the concepts and ideas from mathematics or physics among others around the room more than to understand through experience or tried to find a more spatial dimension inter alia through texts and light and to expand the existing space without direct modifications: I think that light is a very important element to define a space. In previous work, I tried often to integrate other areas by means of light in existing rooms or to create illusions. More mathematical or physical space concepts interested me lately. So I use for my current work often coordinates or dimensions of a room as a base”, Kim describes her current artistic approaches. Various works and thus the artistic spectrum of the artist you want to appear in the special exhibition on October 19: with a spatial installation to video art and photo collages, the exhibition in the Gallery of the rooms is on a journey of discovery and thus art to touch and experience. Hikmet Ersek is likely to agree. For artistic dialogue and the Statement shown art is in addition to a general introduction, an interview with the artist Kim and the gallerists greedy there, where questions from the audience can be made: the personal, direct art education, is very important to us.

We want to talk on deliberately young collectors and art lovers the Munich concept who might want to purchase a real work of art for the first time”, Rauno greedy explains the approach of the gallery. Rooms Gallery greedy is located in the Munich Fraunhoferstrasse 25. The visit is publicly and freely accessible on this day. The Gallery is open from 19:00 h. The opening will take place at 19:30 h. A further discussion will take place at 22:30 h. Exclusive exhibition preview for journalists: at 18:00 h, journalists will be invited to go with the gallery and the artist of the exhibition, to learn background information and to talk directly with the artist about their works.

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Sprengel Museum Hannover

The suspension system with its Gallery Rails sets works perfectly in scene. Leonardo Vinci described it as a beautiful fantasy exercise to read out from the surfaces of ancient walls forms and figures.Victor Hugo sales is the time after dinner, by he further crafted with coffee residue stains in the tablecloth. Kurt Schwitters marched through Hanover, fascinated by the smorgasbord of civilization. Especially the art of the 20th century owes much to chance or steered chance. High time to present an exhibition on the subject.

The Sprengel Museum Hannover has been exemplary in scene chance in art. The art of the 20th century after the dissolution of purely realistic academic art through the camera conquered the random and artists such as Picasso, Schwitters, Paul Klee and later Jackson Pollock, Daniel Spoerri and Gerhard Richter created a methodological integration of chance in the art of smashing the bourgeois world by the first world war. Especially Max Ernst developed an entire encyclopedia aleatorischer Techniques that decisively shaped his surrealist work. As examples, the Sprengel Museum Hannover has gathered many milestones of random art. In the presentation, the exhibition makers leave nothing to chance. The suspension system with its Gallery Rails sets works perfectly in scene. Useful placed picture lighting meet small graphics as well as large sculptural designs.

Of the work sequence of exhibition spaces up to the frame of the gallery a consistently successful theme show. Examples of chance in art coincidence, coincidence here: in most cases, the artists of more or less of random bar is. Niki de Saint Phalle shot with the rifle on plaster reliefs, where Squibs were hidden. She laid out an experiment and left the rest to chance. Max Ernst ‘fascinating Cypress’ emerged as Decalcomanie, a technique of taking over a surface streaks of color. Ernst traumwandlerisch-gestaleterische work was graphically and picturesque to read these streaks and to shape. A kind of methodical Rorschach test. Jackson Pollock drilled holes in the paint bucket and ran across huge, lying at the bottom of image formats. ‘Jack the Dripper’ a perpetual joyful inspiration was one with the emergence of his work, the Act of painting. Museum of the merit to have drawn a huge range of media and artistic personalities on a coherent thread to the Sprengel. Art exhibition, a discreet suspension system with single gallery rail, beautiful Gallery frame and the right focus placed picture lighting together with the well researched and presented artistic networks contribute to the success of the exhibition. The exhibition ‘Sheer coincidence’ is in the Sprengel Museum Hannover by the 15.5 15.9.

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