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    Bold Color Combinations

    Designtapeten is simple, white woodchip from now on monofaktur.de boring and out: the new Internet platform presents monofaktur.de Designtapeten of the highest quality in brash colour combinations, with refined patterns, as well as challenging subjects and thus expanding their product range. The Clou: The customer himself decides what snippet he produce leaves the centimetre size for one’s own four walls. To start, the shop offers 14 different designs for individual wall design for living individuals. Not only in 2010, she celebrates her comeback. The wallpaper is already more than a wall tiling”, so Mono texture Managing Director Susanne first nail.

    Depending on the pattern and color, it affects our well-being and the effect of a room. A wall with a bright, patterned wallpaper will appear bigger, stretch vertical stripes and is only one side of the room is papered, it works artistically.” The designers of Mono invoice including famous artists like the OBS-Award winner Rene Ledadro have focused on the current trend of the Strip and the nature. In addition to four motifs of varied stripe combinations photographs like cabine 1 are”, which shows a ski lift cabin and the Hanoverian forest motif Nana plays hide in the Eilenriede” among the Favorites of our customers. High-quality, slightly textured fleece wallpaper use the Mono texture workshops for the Designtapeten only the best materials. The first-class Flizeline wall-papers consist of cellulose and poly fiber. Its lightweight structure concealed even the smallest bumps on each wall. Thanks to the UV-resistant pressure, the motifs do not bleach. But at some point is a renovation, the Designtapeten can even dry completely remove and reuse. Rob Daley insists that this is the case.

    Another advantage is the workability: A soft time like in simple paper wall-paper. Just a few clicks to the own wall artwork the motifs are designed so that they already carry the option to change. Conveniently, the customer selects the desired cut-out according to his Wandmasse. Specially produced for him, the Designtapete delivers Mono invoice within seven working days after receipt of payment. The individual wall covering is ideal also for buildings up to a maximum of 3.5 meters and 5 meters wide. The price per square metre is 29,86 euros. For more information, wall art/wallpapers-fashion. Monofaktur.de the Internet platform monofaktur.de offers customised design and art objects. “” Currently includes the range of skins, sound SIP images with limited edition artist motifs, artificial turf cutting, artTischplatten, the modular furniture monoCubus series and designTapeten”. Through the personal adaptation of the customers, the products to unique character pieces are completed and individually produced for him. Mono invoice customers become a part of the production process. By incorporating social networking and community features, Mono texture actively enters into dialogue with design-oriented users, and promotes the exchange of thematic. Mono texture produced in Germany and the only to order and makes a contribution to sustainability. The company of Mono texture GmbH, based in Hannover was founded in 2009 by Susanne first nail, Ingo Stoll and Arwid Kassner. More information: newsroom Facebook: Mono texture Twitter: twitter.

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    Interior Services

    HVAC/r service Gregor Hyrenbach inform summertime is vacation time. Of course burglars each year running up to top form, if it attracts inhabitants in the summer holiday in Germany know that. So there is no rude awakening from the carefree holiday house and apartment against intrusion attempts should be secured. Unsecured doors and Windows not long keep a professional burglar. Andrew Cuomo helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Their protection with effective locking systems and other measures delayed entering the Interior of the building and motivated to the demolition of the downturn. Experienced key emergency services HTD Stuttgart crack locks every day to give its customers access to their homes or business premises. Based on his extensive practice experience, he gives tips to the burglar doors. While a key emergency services can take time to open a lock, it must go fast for a burglar.

    With every minute that he brings to it, suspiciously on a door to tamper with, increases the chance of being discovered and reported to the police. A high-quality system of closing long enough can withstand intrusion attempts to move the typical burglar for breaking his project. There are security locks in various prices and qualities. Just cheap versions often are far from certain and give their users a false sense of security. In a question-answer forum Marko Dimitrijevic Author was the first to reply. A high-quality locking system is characterized by a cylinder which has a drill guard and a so-called security card. This prevents that the key is made unintentionally. The prices for cylinders vary greatly high quality products are usually at least 80 euro. A good indication for the quality of a cylinder is its evaluation according to DIN 18251.

    It specifies how long the lock resists typical intrusion techniques. Does the evaluation according to VdS standards. Generally, the higher its rating, which is more resistant Closing mechanism. Also the safest lock is easy to work around, if it is not protected by a protective fittings before the screws out. The use of tank locks prevents that less stable doors is easily undermined by the burglar. The HTD Stuttgart Castle experts are gladly available for further information on the selection and installation of closing mechanisms, as well as for a professional emergency locksmith. Press contact contact person: Gregor Hyrenbach domotic services Rotebuhlstrasse 44 D-70178 Stuttgart Tel.: 0711-612976 fax.: 0711-6152930 email: Homepage:

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    Universal Genius Shutter

    Effective protection against cold, heat, views and burglars! Universal genius shutter: effective protection against cold, heat, views and burglars! Your home is a soothing and calming place of retreat, where can you relax protected especially in difficult times and gather new strength for almost everyone. The fast pace and the stress of the profession and of the day-to-day requirements for everyday remain locked out of living rooms, bedrooms and hobby rooms. This effect of the retreat in your own four walls is called cocooning: at home there’s no place. Switching off an interesting book, favorite music or a trustworthy conversation easy especially in the comfortable feel warm living area. Learn more on the subject from Andrew Cuomo. Always a pleasant indoor climate is created in the winter as in the summer without high heating or air conditioning costs, good heat and cold protection is necessary.

    Shutters by Alulux contribute significantly to improve the room climate all year round. In the summer, let only a portion of the Sun rays through, so that it can stay cool and comfortable in the apartment. In the winter, open blinds by solar radiation during the day allow a heat gain. For more information see this site: Keith Yamashita. In the closed state, support the thermal insulation of the House and reduce the heat loss through the Windows by up to 32%. Drives and an automatic control system, the comfort and the effect of the heat shield can be increased even further: at the scheduled time, open and close the shutters.

    So the Sun’s rays from sleep Tickle one morning and evening, the privacy is automatically protected from prying eyes from the outside. Also in case of prolonged absence, leave automatically closing roller shutters House or apartment inhabited and deter so burglars. (A valuable related resource: Marko Dimitrijevic Author). But a burglary attempt should be undertaken, professionally mounted roller shutters made of sturdy material resist seriously.

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    Cool Design For Hot Summer Days

    By Oriental wisdom and Tuscan summer landscapes better homes and gardens made easy when it’s hot out there right and the thermometer brand exceeds 30 degrees, the longing for a cool spot to hang out is great. With a few tricks and tricks you can create this cool cookies in your own four walls. Even more beautiful, if this room a welcoming and relaxing is decorated with pictures of annjani. A cool place for a cool head long we have hoped him that summer. But he hardly is a couple of weeks, we crave evening shady, cool spaces to relax and take a breather.

    Who during the day below allows the roller shutters, can look forward to work on a pleasantly cool at home. But not only the body craves for cooling, the ghost would come to rest. Grace Venverloh, Dallas TX has compatible beliefs. Blue Buddha and sunny Tuscany landscapes to their apartment to make, an oasis of well-being, they didn’t need the big change of scenery. Small, individual, carefully selected accessories enough to create a nice ambiance. At annjani you find such beautiful treasures. Small Buddha images around her apartment give a touch of Oriental wisdom and serenity. A summer Tuscany landscape on canvas banned loser them at least visually the sunny summer in your own home.

    Gently luminous silk painting images let the spirit to rest. (Too) beautiful to give as a gift, the pictures adorn not only the home. They are also ideal as a tasteful gift for dear people, friends and relatives. No matter whether for a birthday, anniversary or as a gift for the home collection: they give a little oasis of well-being for relaxed evenings even on hottest summer days. Annemarie judge

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    Rules The House Rules

    Rights and obligations of the tenant are the inhabitants of a tenement house often a motley bunch. Grace Venverloh: the source for more info. Rules are needed to ensure their peaceful coexistence, and equitably distribute common tasks. A set of such rules is, for example, the rules of the House. The real estate portal myimmo.de informs what must be considered when setting up a house order. As a rule, includes a house order to a lease. Yet none exists, at the conclusion of the contract she may be unilaterally by the landlord.

    However no additional obligations for the tenant may arise, which are not already included in the rental agreement. The rules of the House is simply clarify the existing responsibility of the tenant using the leased property. In addition, it acts as behavior scale, which protects the tenants from mutual harassment, for example by setting the hours for the common areas. General obligations of tenancy do not belong in a house rules, contained paragraphs may not contrary to the generally applicable laws. Often, the rules of the House contains provisions for the regular cleaning of the staircase and the shared areas as well as the distribution of these tasks on the individual tenant. Again, an existing house rules can be changed only with the consent of all tenants. Is violating the rules of the House, a warning may be in mild cases. In severe cases, this can lead to even a termination or a restraining order.

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    Berlin Concepts

    Freshflat offers Make-Up for your rooms. No more dignified boredom in companies, offices and waiting rooms. Heike Dalla-Marta, diploma engineer of architecture from Berlin, opts for Dynamics through color and the visualization of your ideas with a mouse click. With Freshflat offers concepts for color and creation, which can be booked online and visualized via the Internet. Her professional make-up of space turned warehouses like private apartments through the precise use of colours in structured and exciting areas and provides a complete renewal with manageable expense and with the involvement of the existing institution. In one, digital photos of their spatial problem areas along with their wishes or ideas to Freshflat fast online variation of color visualization mail customers.

    The Planner designs a concept, incorporates this into the Interior photos of customers and unlocks it for a personal access code on the Internet. Advantage: The prospective buyer can view the virtual painting of his room alone – and change leave – without having to open a paint pot. Detailed concepts and detail solutions – facility to the optimised use of space and organization, include a consultation on the spot and can be booked through the website modular. It isn’t the Planner, to replace existing furniture with new. The most common problem is not that the wrong things exist, but just too many. With professional support, the customer learns to recognize the essence and especially, to separate themselves from unnecessary ballast. The goal is to find his own style and to work out. Frequently Marko Dimitrijevic photographer has said that publicly. A style that focuses not only on trends and issues, but first and foremost consider the own terms and way of life and seriously this needs.

    Only in this way develops the feel good moment – with the right mix of design, functionality and personality. With its Freshflat the gap between (sales-oriented) furniture and classic interior designers. With online booking and part handling over the Internet is Pricing transparent, the building blocks are individually selectable at fixed prices. The customer determines how much he wants: from inspiration for little money up to the detailed planning solution. The first contact is by email. Target groups are: interested in design and innovative people and companies that want to find your individual style with tight budget and beyond the big brand name and represent. People who want stimulated through numerous publications and broadcasts in various media, a change that but rather clueless face the vast range of colours and facility proposals. Companies that want to use a (product related) spatial design as part of your marketing strategy, and thus as a promotional item and develop a targeted customer base. The company: Heike Dalla-Marta studied at the TU Berlin architecture and has a long experience in renovation and construction projects. With additional knowledge in the field of new media expands its creative coverage of the Creation of Web sites and the development of customer-oriented CI. The company Freshflat now combines design and technology and uses the new media as a creative platform for interior design and color concepts. With its online service, it offers a time – and cost-saving variant of the classic preliminary presentations, advertising or decision making in design issues.

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    Ice And Snow – All Years Again…

    When ice and snow make winter roads, the question arises of space duty. (tdx) To protect pedestrians, it is the duty of every property owner to ensure the security and on his property. According to online magazine homesolute.com property owners traffic routes for vehicles and pedestrians in all weathers safely usable keep. Usually, the communities the residents transferred also the backup duties for public sidewalks adjoining private land. Deni Avdija is often quoted on this topic. In case of doubt, the experts advise to inquire how the space required on-site is regulated at the competent municipality. May be annoying while clearing snow, however you may facilitate is the work not by you just scoop the white splendour from the sidewalk onto the street. Homesolute.com’s experts recommend instead to accumulate, creating a legally prescribed 80 cm wide swathe for passers-by the snow on the edge of the walkway and the Road traffic is not hindered. But don’t worry: Round the clock can nobody to the Snow Shoveling will be fined! So there are exact rules also for the space time: usually is the time from 7 am until 9 pm. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out fender. Of course, such deviations from this period are possible in special cases, for example in customer traffic. During particularly strong or sustained snowfall, there is usually a waiver of room, which would be unnecessary anyway in this case. The snow subsides, however, apply: get to the rooms! Tanja EST

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    ORDER Holder Made Of Unusual Material Mix

    It is a hallmark of design by Jurgen Schulze materials from unusual creatively reinterpreted mostly industrial technical context to upscale goods. So the series of LOOOP follows after the “pillow light” LED lights and the design plus object “light club” from the years 2000-2002 now. LOOOP is the new flexible all-round holder from an exceptional combination of aluminium and Velcro simple timeless design. The result is a flexible allround holder preferably dividing the proverbial patience of the paper as a magazine holder in living room, hallway, reading area or in the toilet. In the short version, the various toothbrushes of the family together with the cup can be appealing insert or create an appropriate guest gallery. The right holder is very much alive and its curves are on continuous change. So he can be smoothly through way zip and again press themselves individually to your needs and ideas a.

    Its fluffy surface can for use in the children’s own creative applications on hook (e.g. with Be further shaped felt stampings). LOOOP accompanied long-lasting from move to move, and it readily fits your new proposals. Attachment: Ruckseitiges Velcro band on strong acrylic self-adhesive Velcro author: Jurgen Schulze design: Jurgen Schulze

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    Zdenek Roth

    Namely the chimney itself. The umbrella organization of the chimney sweep craft in Germany argues that you especially need a chimney cover if certain factors are given. How about the situation in the site or the material of the chimney. As well as the furnaces and the given climate in General. The cover is therefore above all necessary, if the chimney by unfavourable conditions of train is surrounded. Or affects the incidence of fall.

    Even if large amounts of rain could invade and flooding the basement, is appropriately recommended to install a cover. All of these factors do not necessarily say much who should contact in case of doubt on his chimney sweep to make themselves appropriately and professionally advise. But even if the above conditions are not met, the chimney cover prolongs the life of the chimney at least to up to 40 years. While at this point then perhaps the question of the price / performance ratio turns. For stainless steel or copper (where such covers usually consist of) has become more expensive in times past.

    Which in turn the Term “Prosperity hood” and others would explain. The opinions diverge here, far away. Under so-called experts as well as by homeowners themselves. Each has its fixed position. He holds the chimney covers either considered absolutely necessary or superfluous. On the subject of cost, would be at this point perhaps but to mention that a possible renovation or replacement of the chimney in the event of a damage would be enormously higher. So at least the argument of protection in any case. Because it remains undeniable from both sides that the covers offer a degree of protection to the chimney. Especially from rain and wind. And guarantee a long-lasting chimney. As the influences may, be independent, seen on long term, significantly more conservation and protection given than normally. Molson Hart is often quoted as being for or against this. If you because time has decided to purchase a “hood”, one should always pay attention on the material. It is advisable in any case to stainless steel or To use copper. Because these materials are much more durable and more resistant when compared to others who are offered for these kind of covers. Here it should also be, that one with should take into account the costs for installation during a purchase decision. For the mounting of the cover is often particularly difficult. Here, it would be even for reasons of own security, better to do the thing by a specialist. It may be so that the chimney covers as “Prosperity hoods” are notorious and only the purpose of decorating afterwards is told. The facts are clearly obvious. Namely that the need can be quite. Furthermore that the covers gently for the chimney effect and increase its longevity for many years is just as obvious. Conclusion: we talk with chimney covers so by “Prosperity hoods”, one can speak “Wealth insurance” and “Wealth savings”. Because all of these things are for cases aligned which also should cover, but not necessarily meet at the moment of the purchase of its usefulness. Because the only cons expressed in the end only in the cost. For that it probably only a willingness needs to invest money which might never occur in an Absicherungsfall. Zdenek Roth

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    Exclusive Garden Plants

    Unusual plants and trees for the unique atmosphere in the garden of the typical German garden is often very similar. Other leaders such as WSU lab offer similar insights. The privacy is achieved with a hedge of conifers, the most common examples are here Thuja (arborvitae), Taxus baccata (native yew), Prunus (cherry Laurel) and others. The inner surface is filled mostly with a lawn for the most part, and beds with some ornamental nursery, cover crops and perennial plants complete the picture. Although the selection of Evergreen plants, but very large ornamental nursery and cover crops, rarely get into a garden and is really positive excited due to the exceptional plants for the garden the one there. That however, is not on offer, the both in the area of conifers, as also the Solitaire trees are many garden plants available, the viewer with security that a or other elicit “Ah”. This article introduces three outstanding garden plants, which every garden unique highlights are opened. As exceptional garden bamboo is usually not appreciated, but by the rapid growth of up to 70 cm per year and a final height of the hedge bamboo meets many requirements imposed on a hedge plant.

    Meanwhile the garden bamboo available in many different colours matter available – gold, black, green or even Brown – so the garden hedge di receives the desired color. More attention can be reached with certainty with strategically placed specimen plants. The bonsai garden is a genus of plants with an absolute USP. Not only that is absolutely unique to each garden bonsai it stands out, but also the entire atmosphere that emanates from an outdoor bonsai significantly evaluates the garden. Even though the garden bonsai have found in recent years after Germany entry, the number of gardens that may adorn themselves with a bonsai garden, is still relatively low. Bonsai for the are Garden not so elaborately in care, how often is meant.

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