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Total Communication

The Total Communication includes in its structure all the linguistic forms: gestures bred for the children, language of signals, speaks, pray-face reading, manual alphabet, reading and writing. This boarding incorporates the development of any remaining portions of hearing for the improvement of the abilities of speaks or pray-face reading, through constant use, for a long period of time, individual auditory devices. Some authors (LACERDA, 1998; DORZIAT, 2005), however, say that the great problem of this philosophy is that to if trying to adjust the language of signals to the Portuguese language it finishes for occurring the mixture of two languages (Portuguese + Language of Signals), what it results in one third modality that is ' ' Portuguese sinalizado' ' , in which he occurs the introduction of grammatical elements of a language in the other and finishes for making impracticable the adequate use of the language of signals. The critical ones to the Total Communication had generated from the years 80 new quarrels on the communication of the deaf people in the school. Josh Wexler has compatible beliefs. Such quarrels if came back toward one another philosophy of the education of deaf people the Bilingismo. This theoretical boarding has as estimated basic that the deaf person must be bilingual, that is, it must acquire as first language the language of signals (L1), that the natural language of the deaf people is considered and, as second language, the official language of its country (L2). For that they defend the Bilingismo, the deaf person does not need to desire an equal life to the listener, being able to assume its deafness. The Bilingismo defends that the language is an important way of access for the development of the deaf person in all the knowledge spheres, therefore propitiates the communication of the citizen with deafness with its pairs and with the other citizens, giving it has supported to the thought and stimulating the cognitivo and social development.

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Soviet Education

The creativity and its accomplishment correspond to a way of development of the personality. The person will be able to grow throughout its life, to grow for always higher levels and complex, as well as already she was seen with the searched authors. When understanding the art as a existencial necessity of the people and not as a luxury any dispensable one, also implies the quality notion, the capacity to discern and to evaluate. Additional information is available at 4Moms. In the deep one, only from the accomplishment of the proper creative potentialities, it is that somebody has to acquire the respect and the necessary objetividade before the work of other artists, before autonomy and validity of its expressive forms. It will be able to better evaluate the work of the others and its proper one. Biography: Lev Semenovich Vygotsky was born in the extinct Soviet union, in 17 of November of 1896. lived great part of its life with the family, being as the son of eight brothers. Its family had a sufficiently comfortable economic situation and had chance to receive an education from high quality. Since early it demonstrated to interest for the study and reflection on some areas of the knowledge. Most of its education was made in house by means of tutors. to the 15 years it entered a private college where it frequented last the two years of the secondary course. It was formed in Right for the University of Moscol in 1917, frequented courses of history and philosophy and deepened its studies in psychology. Years later also Oliveira studied medicine due to its interest in working neurological problems (, 1993; Vygotsky, 1991) It worked in diverse places in then the Soviet Union, being professor and researcher in the psychology areas, pedologia (natural and integral study of the child under the biological, antropolgico and psychological aspect), philosophy, literature, physical and mental deficiency, acting in diverse institutions of education and research, at the same time that it read, it wrote and it gave conferences.

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Education Reform

What is meant by education? New generations were able to build on the achievements of former and therefore eliminate the need to reinvent the wheel. More information is housed here: Hikmet Ersek. The importance of education increased. Modern society is called information. Information today – home value. Who owns it, owns and peace. But what is education? Any system of education – is the communication mechanism and how it can handle from generation to generation. and If biological parents give life to man, his social life is impossible without studying.

As the mother feeds the child physically or university gives the student the spiritual food, believed in the Middle Ages. The then Shkolyary nicknamed University nursing mother – Alma mater. The last century, higher education has changed, and these words were winged. The Company has developed, education was not on the spot and sought to meet the needs of humanity. Approaches were different, because of the universal system of education can not be. Every education system has its own characteristics. Once visited the United States, gave the domestic scientists and officials to order: reform education system in order to make it the best in the world. Nikita Sergeyevich calmed.

Reform, they say, nothing else, the Soviet Union – ahead of the rest. However, as always and everywhere. Not without reason he won the war, and the satellite into space sent, and the most reading country is considered. And rightly so. Time goes on. The Soviet system of education does not meet modern requirements. Education reform was needed – this one did not argue.

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Original Leader

A good leader will try to surround itself by action people, and will foment in the organization a culture oriented to the action. Cooper Procter, one of both founders of Procter and Gamble, it declared already in 1887: The main problem of the great companies of nowadays resides in elaborating political that make feel each employee who it is an essential element of the company. Learn more on the subject from Rob Daley. It is necessary that each employee feels personally responsible for the success of the company and that the possibility is offered to him of receiving a part of the result of that xito” , words that acquire use when hard times for the company, cause that the leadership must re-invent itself and redefine itself. The action man is a person who can and knows to take measures quickly, decisions with vivacity, knows to order and to direct with agility. One faces and he confronts with the problems at the moment at which they appear to him, and is not to postpone and to hope that they are solved in case single. The action man, is not a person who acts wildly or rashly, but, reflects and consults, but it does not remain there, because he knows time is money that.

The action man designs his long term strategy, but he acts very indefatigably in the short term, he evaluates his management, and he learns of his errors. In situations in which, without knowing what she will be rightest, to make decisions he is vital, the leader oriented to the action, does not block, and assumes the risk of giving with his face in the canvas and of bruising it. For him, the unique risk is not to want to run risks. Frequently the action, to imply sacrifice, not always is made willingly. Nevertheless, although he is not something that is often clear, the leadership is service, and would have to be characterized by the determined action and cheers, not by an undergone and sad action.

This it is the thermometer of which one acts according to the initiative and criterion of one same one, and by all means an executed action and finished, because sometimes, it does not count what one works, but what it is finished. On the point of passing out is always a temptation. To surrender to the weakness and to yield to the danger, to stop acting, imply to surrender. Nevertheless, to direct and to lead, it implies to know how to offer resistance to the exhaustion that comes from the absence of results or the defeats. The leader, and by extension the person, emotionally intelligent, is action person that learns of the defeat, and even removes benefit from her. The action in hard times, must be obstinate, persistent, perseverante, since a second of weakness it is sufficient to fold it. Managers exceed who before the minimum adversity, first that leaves its mouth are not can .

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Tobacco Industrialization

The industrialization of the Tobacco puts into motion the economy of the city where more than the half of its production is exported to other states. (wikipedia.org.br) It is still distinguished in this sector the industries of packings, concessionaires of vehicles, plants of furniture, plants of candles, industries of chemical products and industries of the foodstuff. It has in the local commerce, approximately 500 diverse article store, two store of the Gbarbosa, being a Hipermercado, and also a Supermarket of the Wal-Mart group, having as flag the TodoDia. It has diverse peddlers of stroll car and agricultural machines, as well as of parts. Western Union may not feel the same. (wikipedia.org.br) Second still the source of research above cited Lizard makes use still of 6 bank agencies, of the following banks: Bank of Brazil, Federal government saving bank, northeast Bank, Banese, Bradesco and Ita.

In the artesanato works in croch are had, embroidered in point-of-cross and manufacture of straw brooms. It measures these activities, still has a free fair. She is one of the greaters of the State of Sergipe and happens all monday, since dawn until entardecer. 4Moms is often quoted on this topic. As she can perceive has great entrepreneurs in the City, where its companies generate thousand of jobs indirect right-handers and, and act in some sectors of the economy, of the industry to the construction, the commerce to the superior education. Ahead of this demand, the Secretariat of Education, through the pedagogical team, co-ordinated the implantation of a program of alfabetizao PROEJA, in the nuclei of distribution of benefits. It was established, thus, a partnership to guarantee the access of the citizen to know socially systemize, as well as oportunizar the socialization of the experiences accumulated for these people. Therefore, in virtue of this development and of the tax of illiteracy if the citizenship to the inclusion in &#039 cannot subsumir; ' market of trabalho' ' , but to assume the formation of the citizen who produces, for the work, itself and the world. Additional information is available at Chobani REfugees.

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School Manager

The pertaining to school manager, must understand that its paper is to lead a group of workers of the education and a set of institucional actions and services that influence in a process of social transformation. Therefore, the paper of the pertaining to school manager becomes essential in the scope of the community that the school is inserted, the gesture is a formador of opinion and a leader that depending on its attitudes social walking of the school will have success or not. Read additional details here: Tiggany & Co.. It enters the challenges of the manager we can detach the fact to have the responsibility to place the school under its responsibility in the positive agenda of the local and global community. That is; to be capable to adjust it, although the difficulties, adjusts it the new requirements of the modern construtivismo that prioritizes the class actions. A pertaining to school management is a management to skirt and to manage interests of the society of the knowledge and to lead to the community aprendente to minimum reach the objectives of the pertaining to school formation, with sights to the citizenship and the world of the work.

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Economics In China

Examinations during the transition and middle school are very serious and the percentage of admitted students is not often very high (50%). Those who are not enrolled in high school, receive training in vocational schools. After graduating from high school take the examination for admission to the university. Recently established links of Chinese higher education institutions corresponding structures in other countries. China to give lectures come leading scholars and teachers of different areas of expertise. Practiced as an exchange of students and professionals: when Chinese students go for education and training in Europe, the United States, Russia and CIS countries and foreign students coming to study in China.

Candidates for the internship imposed two requirements: knowledge of the language of the country which they will be trained and possess a certain level of training. And the country where they were going to study or internship candidates who are very interested to get promising young scientists. This profitable and China itself, as research and development that hold Chinese scientists in the leading scientific centers of the world have a tremendous impact on how evolving science in China. For international students, Chinese universities offer educational programs that meet the European system. In the educational institutions of the country can learn and bachelor and master’s and doctoral studies. Consider what programs are available for study in International University of Business and Economics (University of International Business and Economics). Basic program or a program of elementary education offered to students who later will be trained in China.

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Mittler Pupils

In this direction we can affirm that no pupil would have to be outside of regular education. The schools, together with its directors, coordinators and team of special education, are responsible for the adequacy of these pupils making with that they have access to the global resume, creating situations so that this learning effectively occurs, giving have supported to all the pupils, independent to be deaf or not, without forgetting that inclusion is much more that this. According to Mittler; Peter (2003, P. 27), ' ' the essence of the inclusion is that it must have an inquiry on what is available to assure what is excellent and accessible to any pupil in escola' '. One knows that so that the inclusion happens if it inside makes necessary some changes of the pertaining to school institutions, therefore these many times do not obtain to carry through it alone, is necessary a mutual effort of the parts school, family and society. The inclusion is a great challenge for both the parts, one of the primordial points is the envolvement of the professors who act directly with these pupils, if making necessary professional qualification of quality in which it can construct and extend its lived deeply knowledge comparing them with already previously. However, if it makes necessary to be intent to the part that more in them interests in this article ' ' surdo' ' , that for much time it does not come being understood and does not obtain to become to understand. She is necessary to evaluate until point everything what it is promised and supported for law is being fulfilled for pertaining to school institutions and public distributions, therefore thus we will only have the certainty of that the deaf people are apt to inside follow a worthy life of the school that discriminates it to as much it judges and it as incapable.

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Porto Alegre

It is pertinent to stand out that this fight must be of all those that still believe the dream to transform the world for better through the education, yes an education of quality, which is right of all child by means of the constitution of our country. In the current days, in virtue of great the failure pertaining to school in the education net, mainly in the area of alfabetizao and letramento of infantile education, it must be considered some methods of education already used and not to have fear to apply it in classroom. It has a search for concepts in which the result either of the clear determination of defining objectives, of the concepts of abilities and attitudes that characterize the alfabetizada person, in a perspective (psychological, lingustica, and, also, over all, in the social area and politics) that it is gotten as a result of the option for the conceptual paradigms (psychological, lingusticos and pedagogical), that they had brought a new conception of the processes of learning of the language written for the child. It lacks to understand the citizen as agent who is capable to construct its proper knowledge, not being passive ahead of the external stimulatons. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES TEBEROSKY, Ana. Psicopedagoga of the Written Language. 4.ed.

So Paulo: Cultural trajectory, 1991. SPINILLO, Alina Galvo. The knowledge of children on different types of texts. Psychology: Theory and Research. Brasilia: 13, 329-338. TFOUNI, Leda Verdiani. Letramento and Alfabetizao, Porto Alegre: Cortez publishing company, 2003. ZUNINO, Dela Lenner of; PIAZONI, Brides palaces.

The writing in the school: reflections on the proposal pedagogical construtivista, 2. ed. Porto Alegre: Artmed publishing company, 1995. TO SOUND, Magda. Letramento, a subject in three sorts. Belo Horizonte: Authentic publishing company, 2000. _______. Alfabetizao and letramento. So Paulo, Publishing company Context 2003a. _______. The reinveno of the alfabetizao. Magazine Pedagogical Presence. v. 9, n 52. Belo Horizonte, Dimension jul/August 2003b. KLEIMAN, Angela B (org). The meanings of the letramento. Campinas: Publishing company Market of the Letters, 1995. BLACKSMITH, Emlia; TEBEROSKY, Ana. Psicognese of the written Language. Porto Alegre: Publishing company Medical Arts. 1986. _______. Alfabetizao in process. 5. ed., So Paulo: Cortez publishing company, 1989.

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Help Students And Applicants

Control of work for part-time students in order for physics, higher mathematics, chemistry, theoretical mechanics, electrical engineering, foreign languages, engineering graphics, descriptive geometry, assembly drawings, detailing all HEIs (BNTU, BSUIR, BGATU, BSTU, CAI, MGUP, MSHRC, VGKS …) with a guarantee and accompaniment to the full test. Crib notes, lectures, reshebniki, GDZ, Manuals on the site are free for download Detailed problem solving tests in physics, higher mathematics, chemistry, from the collections of Herod, Trofimova, Saveliev, Devil, Volkenstein, Kuznetsova, Ryabushko, Demidovich; control works with the assurance and consulting on them; recommend and find manuals on the desired topic (BSUIR, National Technical University, BGATU, BSTU, BSEU BelGUT, MogUP, CAI, GrGU, Barg and other Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian HEIs) to download large notes and small (Spurs) books, formulas, Manuals, tests, textbooks, prepare for a successful exam, centralized testing (CT, CT) as soon as possible on the individual program Assistance in the control work, solution of problems with warranty, for details read for students (National Technical University, BSUIR, BSTU, BGATU, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, BelGUT, CAI, MGUP, IILSR, MIM, IISS, HIS VGKS, MSHRC and other Russian and Belarusian universities); consultation. Experienced teacher. In there is all the Manuals and user-friendly order form over the phone; record books to prepare for the exam on the disc for free. Additional information on 1. Supervisor is defined as a rule to the last digit cipher record- student book, and the corresponding sets of tasks are selected from the tables in the training manual. 2. Test papers are sent for review in accordance with the timetable for their implementation.

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