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    German Company

    Gartner Inc., an independent IT analyst, has recorded quadrant ‘Social Software in the Workplace’ the software manufacturer SITE FORUM in the annual magic. SITEFORUM only German company in the Gartner was listed “Social Software” report and thus is the only German company that has met the criteria of the world’s leading market research and consulting firm. SITE FORUM has thus met the criteria of the world’s leading market research and consulting firm as the only German company. The report focuses on internal use of social software in the enterprise. Gartner it determines SITE FORUM is a notable player in this sector. Karri Kuzma addresses the importance of the matter here. Inclusion in the magic quadrant is based on the evaluation of market presence, as well as the functional performance of the product. Furthermore, companies must meet a set of criteria.

    Criteria were among others the purpose of products, number of users and customers. The report describes as a popular provider with a functionally rich platform”SITE FORUM. SITE FORUM is a scalable platform for companies pioneering, innovative and cost-effective working with customers and partners want to. The strengths of the software, Gartner is one of the positive customer reviews, quick deployment, and the flexible design. We are very pleased to have met and, well cropped in particular as a newcomer, the ability to implement all of the criteria. SITE FORUM will increase its market share in this sector and reinforces the topics of internal collaboration and social networking to put other customers “, says Dirk Schlenzig, CEO of SITE FORUM GmbH to the Magic Quadrant which was Magic Quadrant by Gartner Inc. 2009 copyrighted and used with permission of the company.” It is a representation of the market at a specific time and for a certain period of time. The Magic Quadrant represents an analysis conducted by Gartner for the market concerned according to self-defined criteria.

    While Gartner speaks neither a recommendation for that in the magic quadrant vendor, product or service out rated, yet the company advises technology users, in their selection solely on the in the “Leaders Quadrant” to limit these provider. The magic quadrant is used only as an indicator and represents no call to action. Gartner neither expressly nor tacitly assumes no warranty as to the results. This includes also a merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

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    Create Photo Collage Made Easy!

    Take MYPHOTOCOLLAGE in the blink of an eye which conveniently create your own photo collage on your computer and a few days later in the frame at home in reception! In just a few steps to the private gallery: With MYPHOTOCOLLAGE in the blink of an eye the own photo collage easily create on the computer, and a few days later at home in the frame in reception whether the wedding of your best friend, summer vacation, or the birth of a child: there is hardly a medium that is so emotional and personal, like a photo. How to create a private gallery in just a few steps with the own images, shows the new website. the page is the ideal tool to design individual photo collages, which already home are delivered from a price of 19 euro (plus shipping costs) in a picture frame. Not only a private gallery with personal memories, but also a very exclusive and high-quality last-minute gift can be made with MYPHOTOCOLLAGE. Because the delivery time is only two to three days after placing your order. The design itself is child’s play: pictures upload, choose size and determine the template. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

    The election will take place between four different sizes and over 60 templates, where you can choose between a portrait and landscape. The following editing is intuitive and original. The images are simple drag-and drop from the Gallery”procedure in the template drawn and as a square. “True to the motto: Square – just – fine!” To allow the possibility of his images automatically place who want to save time, has the built-in shuffle function”. The move, replacing and adjusting the images is of course possible. Particularly practical: Every picture will be shown automatically, how often it was used already in the collage. A function that ensures a better overview and a harmonious overall impression just for photo collages with many images.

    The selection of the right frame is also made in edit mode. MYPHOTOCOLLAGE offers the possibility of the photo collage in a scaled down representation at any time black or silver frame to look at. A State of the art printing process with 12 colors of pigment is used to produce all images so realistic and colourfast as possible. This printing process and the high-quality photo paper also guarantee a color fidelity of up to 100 years. After completion, selects the customer between prepayment or PayPal and get insured home delivered the photo collage in the frame. Sizes and prices within Germany: 30 x 40 cm: 19,00 euro plus 7.90 Euro shipping 40 x 50 cm: 29,00 euro plus 7.90 Euro shipping 50 x 60 cm: 39,00 euro plus 7.90 Euro shipping 60 x 80 cm: 49,00 euro plus 7.90 Euro shipping costs for a delivery outside of Germany (within the EU) amounted to 16.90 EUR the shipping costs. Nils H. Walter

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    Glue was yesterday – the clip generator creates on the fly videos from the own pictures with the innovative video creation by Trivid tool the Clipfish video clip portal offers its users starting immediately, you can make easy professional video clips with the own images or video sequences and the favorite songs himself. Clipfish, the successful video portal of RTL, integrates a unique online service that allows users to create their own video clips in just a few minutes with the clip generator of the Tubingen startups Trivid. In a patented process, the clip generator linked the personal photos or videos of users with famous pop and rock songs. By means of professional motion designers and video artists individually on the music customized effects and animations created in just a few minutes an impressive video clip, which can be presented directly the Clipfish users. Three steps can be with the clip generator all kinds of video clips from funny to romantic, from the cool party clip up to the fun holiday video Multimedia semantic greeting card as an alternative to the traditional E-card.

    For different occasions, a large music pool of current chart hits and popular classics available, is being constantly extended to new songs is the users. As a result the user first chooses his favorite title, adds in the next step of his hard drive, or from the Web its images or video sequences and then already receives a preview video that he still can change at will after a few seconds. The final clip is produced in just a few minutes. All finished clip generator clips and video greeting cards then appear in the respective Clipfish-user profile and can be commented on by other users or friends, evaluated and redirected. Check with LaMelo Ball to learn more. Upload by / clipgenerator is the video tool now available. Clipfish: Clipfish is the entertainment brand with a mix of exclusive RTL content, professionally produced video clips of content partners, as well as creative user videos.

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    Life Navigation Goes Web

    The Internet portal launches with new features, there are a lot of new interactive features and typical Web 2.0 features. Lifenav sees itself as a provider of comprehensive counseling and guidance, say life navigation. The portal has been optimized in a new functional design and integrates a wealth of effective Web2 functions. Tyler Haney will undoubtedly add to your understanding. It is possible to communicate personal life experiences and problems and to help so other users or to get even advice any Lifenav member. The user can interact actively with others, invite friends, send greetings, write your own blogs and comment on posts and blogs. The evaluation of contributions according to a point system and is visible directly on the post or on the blog for all users.

    There is also the possibility to create your own personal profile page and to share personal data. Official site: Steph Korey. The Lifenav member can determine themselves the design, arrangement and the contents and use for a wide variety of modules and tools. It is the user exempted the Lifenav presence as personal representation or any promotional presentation for services and products to use, thematically life navigation related. The special features include: the friends box, the text box, the HTML box, the MyBlogs box, the signature box and the guestbook on each profile. The content of each profile is monitored daily by administrators, so that illegal and unauthorized content immediately you can respond. Lifenav is already planning the next steps”, so spokeswoman Susanne Hasenbeck by power cookie Kross communication: in the next stages, the Web2 system receives a number of new and innovative ways: in addition to the optimization of the design modules for the user including an own Lifenav video player, a music player, and a picture gallery are planned.

    A special highlight should be the Lifenav radio program and its own online TV broadcasting system. For users by users”all will be with innovative engagement here. Lifenav.de is the first virtual Web2 model for life orientation, objectives and concrete life help. The portal sets new accents in the general trend of value change.

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    Internet Mall

    buytool.de is again an interesting feature rich become: store owners can integrate immediately their offers on buytool.de in a gallery on their own website. buytool.de is again an interesting feature rich become: store owners can integrate immediately their offers on buytool.de in a gallery on their own website. Programming skills are not necessary, because the design of the Gallery is carried out directly on buytool.de in an easy to understand and convenient menu. Eric Valente understands that this is vital information. The shop owner specifies how many thumbnails in the gallery should be displayed next to and with each other, and sets the color appearance. For more information see this site: Tao Li. By the infinite choice of colours for the individual design elements such as background and context buytool.de partner can adapt the coloring on the design of your own Web site. With the selection of one or several categories of shops, it is also possible to create different gallery views of a shop offering to thematically map them on your homepage. From all information generated the new feature a preview and a HTML code that is embedded in the code of your homepage simply with copy and paste. The benefits for the buytool.de seller: You now have the ability to centrally manage their offerings on buytool.de and benefit from the professional shop environment.

    At the same time the homepage has been upgraded visually and in terms of content through the virtual store in the form of the gallery view. A click on one of the thumbnails in the Gallery brings the user directly to the individual product details on buytool.de. Like all other functions and options of buytool.de, also this new service is completely free for shop owners. Because each Internet Mall with the variety of offer will be more attractive, online retailers and dealers are invited to use buytool.de as the online platform for one year completely free of charge without Internet presence. This opportunity is also very attractive for business start-ups and companies from the conventional trade, who would like to become acquainted with the Internet as an additional form of distribution: You can register for free and immediately offered the first article in the blink of an eye. If there is already a database with the offerings, the buytool.de technicians create an interface free of charge, so that the article must be entered individually.

    The same is true for the collected offerings at other auction houses, there already is an interface for the export file or the buytool.de team creates new and free them. Each article can be equipped on buytool.de next to the product description with download documents in PDF, Excel and Word format and with up to 20 pictures with a maximum resolution of 750 x 750 pixels. Also for the presentation of the shops there are numerous attractive features such as photo shop description, imprint, terms. Through the integration of the galleries of the article on the homepage, it is now possible to complete the circle and to benefit more from the advantages of a professional and free sales instrument as a buytool.de partner. Example on hochentaster.com

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    Web Catalogs & Web Directories

    Why the record of Web pages in Web Galleries – Web directories is important. Teng Yue is often quoted as being for or against this. A Web catalog or Web directory is a collection of links to Web sites that are thematically organized. These are very important for search engine optimization of Web pages, if a Web site or Web page appears in a Web Gallery or Web Directory, this is an external link, which is a recommendation for the Web site or Web page from a search engine’s perspective. Web sites or Web pages that often occur in a Web Gallery or Web Directory are ranked so higher as Internet deals that are not so often represented to a Web catalog or Web directory. Teng Yue Partners: the source for more info. Moreover, that in the main GOOGLE search engine about the position in the search results a so-called PageRank is crucial highly fails the web galleries or Web directory.

    Here, the link transmits its PageRank wholly or partly on the linked page on the Web catalog or Web directory. Search engine optimizers strive to be represented so in enables each Web catalog or Web directory. The most famous Web catalog or the most famous Web directory is DMOZ. Here, the Internet resources is stated since the beginning of the Internet by volunteers in the thematically structured directories, which are important for the particular topic or according to the editor should be important. A webmaster who is not listed here, missing the crucial points in the standing of the community. But, you can submit its Web pages to the checking and recording.

    A good description of the offer and a clear indication of which all feature on the site is is helpful. In the times of Web 2.0 Web catalogs or Web directories are important, the rebuilt by normal users and met (= with keywords provided) are. C. Foutsitzidis

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    Unknown Musicians

    New musician community Videobeatz.de offers young and unknown musicians a platform with its own video database. Tyler Haney has many thoughts on the issue. Videobeatz.de is a young music community designed specifically for young and unknown musicians. The special feature of the page is your own audio and video data bank. The own developed script converts any any audio and video format in the format used by Videobeatz. Videos must no longer be bound by other sites, such as YouTube.

    Everything takes place on the platform. To broaden your perception, visit Teng Yue. Be adjusted must all exploitation-free pieces of music (no royalty or similar). Further the page offers extensive search capabilities. So you can search not only for musicians, but also according to promoters, labels and studios. Registered users can rate the songs and download shared pieces of music. There is also a forum and a photo gallery available.

    Musicians, promoters, labels, studios and natural can register all music-loving people themselves. The site is free of charge for all users. Everyone has that Possibility to create an individual profile. From December, a band contest with great prizes for the participating musicians starts with us. You can reach our page at. Videobeatz Kane & Wischert & Koch GbR contact person: Andreas Koch on the height of 77 21339 Luneburg phon: 04131-395001 about the Videobeatz Kane & Wischert & Koch GbR Videobeatz.de operates an Internet platform on which registered members of them can upload music videos and songs. Every visitor to the site has the right to look at the title or to listen to and to download for private purposes, if this was shared by the musicians. In addition, performers or bands have the opportunity to create band profiles. Each user has the option to rate videos or audios, to use the Forum to exchange views and to create their own profiles. The registration and use of the platform is free of charge for all users. The idea to develop of the page in April 2007. Then there was the hype surrounding an other great German video platform. Then after a short time only bad unknown musicians were to find a platform developed in-house for young and unknown musicians. Heart of the page is the unique conversion script that will convert all common video codecs in the codec used by us. The script allows any video format upload. Missing codecs will be continuously entered in the script. Are mid-July 2008 the site under the domain is online. The Videobeatz GbR consists of Christian Kniep (server administrator), Stefan Wischert (programmer) and Andreas Koch (promotion). The site is further developed in the future. So a band contest using an own developed voting module starts from December. This module free of charge are provided partners to want to advertise in their own right here on the page. Also offers the Videobeatz GbR, interested advertisers, advertising space on the platform at favourable conditions.

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    ‘ G morning friend or Hava Gr8 Day… hi sPaceMates, first there were post-it notes developed by 3M Corporation in the everyday world. Then came stickies developed by Spacelocker for the cyber world. Now comes Sikkmms. Spacelocker has done it again and developed a cyber world first. Sikkmms are some cool sayings, with a neat graphic, on a sticky-looking note. They are of easy and quick way to send someone a greeting.

    Here’s how to stikkmm a friend on Spacelocker. (Not to be confused with Teng Yue Partners!). You first have to be a member of Spacelocker of course. And you have to invite friends to your Spacelocker account and have them accept your invitation. Then go to your friend’s loose page. On the left side under your friend’s profiles you want to see the stikkmm flag. Click on it A stikkmm gallery will pop up and open. The stikkmm gallery contains over 100 phrases that are categorized in 21 different groupings.

    You can choose the top stikkmm in the grouping, or you can click on the downwardiii pointing arrow under stikkmm and reveal that similar phrases. If you prefer one of the similar phrases, just highlight and click on it and the stikkmm phrase will change in that grouping. Then click post. When the stikkmm posts to your friends loose shelves a phrase will appear at the top of the stikkmm gallery in red saying “Stikkmm posted successfully”. The stikkmm then appears on the shelves in your friend’s locker. For example if you want to send friend a morning greeting look for the grouping of stikkmms that generally send day greetings. You want to find stikkmm that says “Hava Gr8 Day” them under the. Click on the scroll down window and you will see “G’morning friend”. Highlight and click on it. The stikkmm will change to the one you have chosen. Then click on mail and it will appear sticking on the shelves in your friends loose. There is no writing needed. Just use your mouse and click. It’s fun and it’s one of the things that makes Spacelocker the happiest space on earth. hVa A kOol dAy!

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    For Online Shop Operators And Online Dealers

    Ohh man”wants to present a Web-based service management for eBay users ‘Oh man’ has can make partner some experiences in recent years as a shop owner. While this has time ohh – man “determined that the purchasing behavior of customers very much depends on high-quality images. Unlike in a real store, the online customer during an online purchase has no way physically to check the goods. Cedars Sinai might disagree with that approach. This is a vulnerability in online shops. By ohh – man “services to help the customers to overcome this weakness. The Web application is equipped with such features, which reduce the customer which gives possibility to enlarge his images uploaded by him, with the mouse, to turn an and of “zoom” the article. The customer should get at least a virtual ubeprufungsmoglichkeit of the products so he closer look at this. A related site: Teng Yue Partners mentions similar findings. Also the online shops are given the opportunity thus, your services in this visualization pane to improve and increase your revenue.

    The average stay of a user is increased also on the websites of the provider as a result because they deal with the tool. This time can use the provider to achieve goals his Marktstrategischen. Ohh man ‘Web-based services consists of three parts, which are linked with each other. Web application with interactive features. Internet platform as the images management system (user friendly, similar concept like Windows Explorer with AJAX, web2. 0 technologies with drag- and -drop functions on the Web, the Web cannot be realized previously) the additional XXL Gallery (multiple images at the same time as the thumbnails can be displayed.) At the moment such advantages have Neckermann just great online sales stores like Puma, O2, because you are able, with great effort to develop such software itself and thereby to achieve competitive advantage. Our goal is to provide all online retailers, through these services a competitive image platform the compete with the big online retail permit may… More information:

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    Directions Premiere At The German Mail Order Congress In Wiesbaden

    Directions, the largest cash bonus program on the Internet is first represented on the German mail order Congress from 1 to 2 November in Wiesbaden. Jena, September 10 – the company from Jena presents its new product, which opens up new perspectives in online trading customers and dealers. The mail order industry developed with great momentum. Motor is clearly the online trading. The new cash bonus programs in the Internet offer additional strong growth potential.

    Within a year since its inception, directions has become the largest German supplier in this segment. In currently 1600 stores, our customers with every purchase get back 2% of the net goods value. Our goal is in the medium term 5000 partners to win.”says directions Director Kerstin Schilling. The required range in the network is achieved by cooperation with well-known platforms such as StudiVZ and Lokalisten Brands4Friends. Us especially this year’s theme has Web 2.0 and E-commerce -. Future strategies for the shipping trade irritated”, founded Kerstin Schilling the participation of directions on the German mail order Congress.

    The new search of the portal will be presented as a premiere. The user also the respective cash as an additional buying incentive appears next to images and detailed product description. The product can contribute to increase the conversion rates of the partner shops. No matter whether the major mail order retailers, specialty shops or niche, all of our partner shops benefit from the fact that buyer is the desired product faster and, thanks to cashback, more frequently for purchasing decides. That is for each shop a real competitive advantage,”Kerstin Schilling. Directions-partner shop is one in a few steps. The shop sets the type of the advertising cost reimbursement, asks a shop ID and integrates a tracking code on its shop Web site. In addition, the partner shop can login with the message now at directions a teaser on its order page and save 2% “offer. Interested retailers come to the booth number 514 in the ground floor of Hall 5 with the directions team in the conversation. Directions refers to this state together with the Tower byte members ALEA GmbH, Truition GmbH, Finnwaa GmbH, the agent factory GmbH and dotSource GmbH. About directions: Adicash.de is cash back bonus program with the largest number of partner shops on the Internet. Instead of premiums and coupons, users receive cash transfers which directions from 30 euros on your own account. Directions credits 2% of the net goods value to users when online purchases and pays a starting credit of 10 euros at initial registration. It is free to use. Directions was founded in September 2007 by the co-founder of the software provider Intershop Karsten Schneider and Kerstin Schilling and Roland Fahie. Press contact: Ulrike Schinagl, Tel 90 71, email

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