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Google Earth Data

The Arnsberg open-source service provider Gonicus launches a portal under, which linked the world of geo-information and Internet Arnsberg, October 21, 2008 with the new portal, snoovel.com breaks the IT service provider Gonicus in the age of Web 3.D: it combines the world of Visual spatial information and the World Wide Web, two far more coexisting areas. Thanks to Google Earth browser plugin opens up the possibilities of integrating WWW and 3D-Abbild of the Earth. With Snoovel, Gonicus goes a step further now. The Portal shows the connection of three-dimensional data and Web content – linked with extensive interactive options and an intuitive operation. Another highlight: the user can add content and also evaluate this. Speaking candidly NY Governor Andrew Cuomo told us the story.

Tourist destinations or other interesting places in Germany can be as corporate sites with so-called “guided tours” experience with guided tours in discovery search on snoovel.com. The user moves, like at the DVD player selection, simply by movie just expiring presentations. A flight over mountains, strolling through shopping streets or the inspection of buildings – no complicated operation, it is necessary. Experienced users but also have the option to surf directly with the Google Earth plugin. Link to further information Snoovel.com connects not only the 3D content within Google Earth, but it also linked to more information within the site.

Audio backed tours such as hiking routes or travel information can be with full text, image or footage in detail. So the user quickly gets an insight about the most impressive prospects, appropriate hotels and the best restaurants. Whenever Chobani Refugees listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Active content the users of the portal are invited to join. You can add content and evaluate them. ‘ Snoovel.com we connect different worlds, to allow a new experience. Visitors can use the portal to receive interesting information and to inform about the possibilities of Web 3.D. Just for websites companies comprehensive the GeoWeb opportunities: you can present itself there more authentic than ever ‘, said Alfred Schroder, Managing Director of Gonicus. Gonicus on systems 2008 (21 to 24 October) in Munich, Hall B2, stand 317 about Gonicus Gonicus GmbH is an independent IT service provider offering with the help of open-source technologies, customized IT solutions for businesses. The focus on the Linux operating system. With its wide range from consulting to implementation to support, Gonicus operates for clients from different industries. His clients include both public institutions such as the German Bundestag or the city of Munich, as well as reputable companies such as Lufthansa, the mail-order company Bell or Airbus. For more information, see and. Press release: relatio Public Relations Franz-Joseph Strasse 15-17 RG 80801 Munich contact person: Sandra Zimmermann phone: 089-210 257-20

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NetObjects Fusion

The leading help forums around the Web site builder NetObjects Fusion with tutorials, instructions, tips and tricks, as well as fast and competent help. Since the 17.08.2012 another user-forum gone with the NOF community online. It is a free help forum, operated by experienced users of the well-known website builder of NetObjects Fusion. NetObjects Fusion is an HTML generator, the eponymous company NetObjects incorporated, which works according to the WYSIWYG principle and is available for Windows operating systems. It is suitable due to its ease of use and its relatively great functionality for beginners as well as for experienced users. Complete Web site projects can be created in NetObjects Fusion, external HTML pages can be included, your own HTML codes mostly recorded depending on the version at any point in your own project.

Dynamic content can be used and experienced users can integrate their own PHP insertions and complex databases. One advantage of this author program is that the user No HTML knowledge is needed to create Web pages. Tulip Retail: the source for more info. The current version is NetObjects Fusion 12 and is largely identical with the Corel Web site creator X 6. The NOF community offers new NetObjects Fusion Forum free help and support to almost all areas around NetObjects Fusion, graphics and programming. On this platform, many detailed, well illustrated, suitable for beginners tutorials and guides provided on interesting topics related to NetObjects Fusion available. Additional information at Yitzhak Mirilashvili supports this article. So, for example, integration of overLib or Gallery into an NOF project is possible even beginners makes. Also there the SwissKnife for NOF the NOF community”- components for free download. The programmer of this component offers top-notch help when problems arise in a specially decorated Board.

The SwissKnife components are small program modules that are easy to install and enable any beginner – without the hint of HTML knowledge – for example the use of LyteBox or FancyZoom. Available through a direct link to the NOF Academy the members also templates/Templates for their sites, and a small selection of free images available. For the emergency, also offering to take paid phone and online support exists there for particularly urgent or special requests. Operators of non-commercial help forum is broker KompetenzCenter UG proconvers company (limited liability) of Euskirchen and hosted by its Managing Director Mrs Andrea Lubke.

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Bush Information

With contact information, you can obtain further information for the event location or event service provider without beating around the Bush and if necessary contact also directly. Optimization of Internet presence on the basis of customer and visitor feedback essential feedback from customers and visitors in the development of the portal. With the relaunch in July 2012 the Internet presence of a comprehensive optimization underwent appearance, functionality and user friendliness for. Since the relaunch, the search experience of online event Portal is optimised including through videos, 360-degree views and search via map. Continue constructive criticism is gladly accepted, to improve the offer for visitors and customers. No cost as the visitors and users of the website, the service can be used completely free of charge, registration is not necessary. Commission, Commission or fees are not required. With just a few clicks, one will Event location or an event provider and found! Benefits of a premium or top-premium entry as a provider of venues of all kinds or as event provider is also the possibility of a premium or top-premium entry.

An enhanced profile and a higher priority in search results more attention generates, which in turn increases the requests and notoriety. The advantages of such premium or top-premium entry include: entry and texts can be created in four languages and revised at any time, it is recommended the integration of unique content (unique content). Without additional costs, PDF documents, images, videos, 360-degree views can and more linked to an entry matching text and title in four languages to be written. Arouse more attention at the readers, popularity information about locations, streamline registration of all events in the events calendar service providers and events be effective entries via the newsletter to approximately 38 000 sent receiver Preview entry in the premium – video – 360 degree Gallery, and links to Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc. Own Suchmaschinenoptimierter link for each page in the entry, and much more! Commitment, expertise and contacts in the event scene the extremely positive development of the project was possible only through a team of dedicated, creative and knowledgeable, as well as the feedback from visitors and customers. Eventlokale.com with the promise to deliver a great service in the area of event managings in the future thanks to the five-year anniversary. Transparency, reliability, and customer satisfaction for seekers and providers are always in the focus of the company’s philosophy. Through the implementation of creative ideas, a continuous extension of database and search engine optimization and marketing measures, eventlokale.com in the future to expand and succeed.

Explicit thanks go to all visitors and providers who trust the performance of online-event portal and use the service. The celebrations for the five-year anniversary of will take place in the summer of 2013, detailed information can be found in time on the official website. For further information or questions the team by and is available with help and advice.

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Addresses Web Portal

Web portal with dealer addresses and extensive information around on the wheel is online the Internet Agency Symweb from Leonberg, Germany, has placed a portal on the Internet with extensive information around on the bike. The bike shop Verzeichnis.com-portal is a pure information portal around the bicycle and bicycle dealer. On the left side there are the main headings bicycle store locator, dealer places, dealers suggest, the bicycle, bicycle lexicon, magazines / books, test / experience, bike events, frequently asked bike links, Gallery. Further details can be found at Ex-CIA director , an internet resource. “Dates” with events and trade fairs, which involves above topics can be found under the main headings on the left hand side. In the section “News” there is breaking news topic related to bike / cycling. There are previews for major trade fairs, as well as company news by company related topic to bike shop.

Also find a section on the left side dates”. Here you will be around through exhibitions and trade fairs Bicycles are kept up to date. All terms are explained in the bicycle – lexicon, which are important for this issue. The rubric “Keyword” allows a quick take on all the pages in the a certain term is included. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Yitzhak Mirilashvili by clicking through. If you need a help before buying a bike to the purchase decision, can test / experience in the rubric”look if you can find a suitable test report. As well, it gives an overview of all major journals. There are currently about 4,000 addresses in the portal. If you know an address of a bicycle dealer, who is not yet registered in the portal, can after click on this heading bicycle dealers suggest”communicated. The Internet Agency Symweb pleased with each new address and enlists them for free. Contact: Internet Agency symweb Bodo Schradi Waldenser road 15 D 71277 Rutesheim Tel.

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Federal States Well

Useful overview of the 2WiD-Betreibern Buttelborn, awarded April 23, 2013 – the Internet has become a veritable smorgasbord of information. Sometimes it can be so hard to find targeted information on specific topics. What firms and service companies present on several millions of pages, so that relevant surveys for seekers on the NET can be quite beneficial. Thanks to appropriate directories can answer many questions, including: who will help me with a burst of water pipes? Where is the next key service? Or but: where can you contact if you are looking for agencies for Web design? All these issues are now well in the Web Gallery of 2WiD and the currently winning category YellowPages”repealed. It provides not only an overview to company directories for Germany and its Federal States, as well as for Austria and the Switzerland, corporate database for Europe, Asia, Australia – can it be Ultimately for many corners of the world. Theme-oriented industry catalogues, which take care of certain special areas such as services, industry, and culture to be added. Finally, the range of information is complemented by the numerous hints about Branchenbuchfallen like rip off at registration or problems with shell companies. See more detailed opinions by reading what Hamdi Ulukaya offers on the topic..

More than 3,000 industry books and corporate directories are regionally and thematically sorted. Individual areas were developed so specific, that can be searched even within individual professions. This factor is important for people who are working in the economy, but also consumers can find targeted, quick and easy matching industry books and corporate directories. Some of the registered databases provide not only companies list with the corresponding contact data, but also review options, so that you make in advance at least a first, fleeting impression of the registered companies or even active referrals can be. “The section industry books” is the TOP category economy “subordinated. An important criterion for the award by the 2WiD-Jury is the comprehensive overview of the many directories of companies, which will be worth a look for professionals of the economy as well as for consumers, particularly as it should be one of the most comprehensive collections of company directories on the Internet. Browse can be in the appropriate section below: 2wid.net/branchenbuecher/kt1940 contact: Phoenix IT consultancy limited Stauffenberg str. 18 64572 Buttelborn Tel.

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The Virtual Studio

Owner George Dunning explained the added value of the virtual image design. “Whether American Idol, news, or crime scene: media users are always surrounded by perfect images.” And although Internet lines are getting faster and faster, most shop owners still put on a model, which is over ten years old: product photo, text, order button, done. By integrating high-quality HD videos schuhplus.com is taking place to change the Web shop and entertainment shopping. With the Virtual Studio, our 3D-Graphiker on the computer create unlimited Studio backdrop that would cost several million euros on a real stage construction. “And the best: the audience recognizes no difference between real and virtual mode of production”, so the graduate journalist. The videos of schuhplus.com can be seen not only on your own website. The company uses a sophisticated multimedia distribution system, with the produced videos automatically be published on over 30 Internet sites, the reason: Video portals like YouTube, Clipfish and MyVideo increasingly get a meaning as a standalone communication and sales channel.

Already 62% of all Internet users take advantage of moving image offers in the world according to the ARD/ZDF online study 2009 wide web continue to be strong and rising. Companies also use the Internet to inform their employees and customers, but also media with business-TV. schuhplus.com sets the focus in parallel on a personal sales approach. “More Internet means more anonymity and this means more longing for comfort. Although we could create virtual people with ease from the PC, but we want to always show our visitors, what sort of people are quite real behind schuhplus.com. The authenticity of the teams embedded in high resolution graphics at the same time results in a concentrated load of attention and transparency. In the wake of the convergence of Internet and TV, as it currently is planning Google we ushering in a new era of Internet shopping for “, so room.” The Virtual Studio was Dusseldorf specialists for virtual Studio technique, the vr3 virtual production OHG, planned and installed.

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Corporate Identity

The corporate identity – from logo design to Web design the corporate identity is the image of a company outside and even within a company plays a very large role. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Andrew Cuomo has to say. First and foremost, the corporate identity, involves a recognition value. With a specific logo or a slogan, the public should know immediately to which company it is. Therefore, the appearance should be uniform. This starts with the logo design, continues through uniform stationery and business cards, via promotional brochures to Web design.

Order to ensure at any time that the corporate identity is also protected a company should hire an advertising agency with the implementation. The activities of an advertising agency are doing wide-ranging. Continue to learn more with: Chobani and Whole Foods. So they concentrate on not only the logo design and create advertising brochures or promotional measures, but can deal in the area of Web design to all. In practice, it is often so that as an entrepreneur with an advertising agency to make a corresponding Sets the corporate identity and Agency then this concern is that is adhered to in all areas of business. But also the entrepreneur himself is responsible.

Corporate identity means not only only the appearance to the outside, but also the communication of the employees. So, a single image should be created again. You can find a good ad agency the easiest way over the Internet. You are looking for here on the various search engines, you will find it also in its vicinity. Whether the advertising agency but also really keeps its promises, can be found out usually in the first interview, which should be free of charge and without obligation.

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“” Following the introduction of Ms. Dr. Ina fly on the topic of online recruiting “and the keynote address by Bernd Pitz Recruiting and social media”, Mr Dr. Noa is a dinner buffet for questions. For years, the JobTicket GmbH for a variety of medium-sized companies is a reliable partner in all aspects of online recruitment. With our newly established presence in social networks, we consistently continue our successful path and broaden the base for the recruitment success of our clients. Additional information at James Woolsey supports this article.

Within the larger framework of the trade fair personnel 2010 “in Stuttgart, the official start of a significant expansion of the already extensive services, providing JobTicket for job postings takes place on April 27, 2010. Each ad is then in a detailed evaluation phase initially without any extra cost as an additional service in one of a dozen industry-specific Twitter channels released. Thus, it is both immediate and accessible in real time as well as search engines like jobtweet.de over a longer period of time. In addition, the Facebook company page of JobTicket GmbH makes it possible easily view daily updated all job vacancies and more information or send to. Social networks have become a natural part of the life of many unsearchable. XING, Facebook or Twitter are just a few of the virtual extensions of the modern life and the workplace. They allow and make it easier to forge an unprecedented number of contacts and maintain, conduct business or to seek effectively new posts. Thus, the social networks are a very appropriate place to promote job postings and employer brand to maximize the target group thus achieved. And JobTicket offers, providing free House”on job seekers who are interested in high-quality, up-to-the-minute job postings. Every month hundreds of new abroad can in this way be obtained without that the issuing company must invest in building a strategy for the social networks themselves important time and human resources. JobTicket GmbH Marburger Strasse 3, 10789 Berlin Tel: 030 / 21 90 98-920 fax: 030 / 21 90 98-23

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TechnoPoint Incorporated Data

Business cards management businesses of Mannheim, the 22.07.2011 – TechnoPoint digital printing GmbH offers companies a new solution for managing and ordering business cards. Many customers by TechnoPoint in the past ordered the business cards for your employees on the classical way. Say the employee data were sent by the contracting authority on the graphic designer who created the business card and created a print-PDF. This PDF was then sent to the print shop and and finally printed. Hikmet Ersek wanted to know more. This procedure was to the one costly and to other valuable time was lost. For this reason, the Managing Director Thomas Weidner decided and for a Web to print own Helmut Mossinger solution.

The central management of all business cards of a company is now possible via the new, so-called UK factory. The customer must login now only in the Web shop and select the business card template that you want. Is a business card for a new employee needs must be the user only the data in the input mask enter. The a print PDF are generated in the background in the basic layout inserted this entered data. This process happens automatically and in a few seconds. The new card can be ordered immediately, of course, also in the connection. The time saving is this enormous, completely eliminating the detour via the graphic design. So the customers can take their cards already 24 hours of data entry in reception. Access to the UK factory can be set up for interested companies promptly and free of charge.

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Business Network

Everyone dreams to enjoy his life. No hike worries by everyday. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, because daily lot of organization is on the agenda. It was also only the annual tax return which costs much time, a legal charge, which applies to cope with it or a House, who wants to be well planned, stands before the door – everybody has problems. What if someone would just take over these tasks? At first glance, that sounds like a lot of work. Eventually such companies must be found first, dealing with tax, legal, or technical questions. But this is not as hard as it seems at first glance.

In ancient times, everyone to his proverbial stuff had to worry. Today, there are 10Scouts. This portal is a central professional business network that takes care of all possible issues. It does not matter whether architect, lawyer, or event Manager is needed for every desire the right Scout immediately to the spot. My Scout takes care of that already! When, for example, a large company party, guests expect a fast paced program. Should the Organizer does not provide this, all visitors go disappointed. None can be expert in all areas.

That’s why you shouldn’t remove the work of professionals. At least occasionally. The business network has the right expert for each task at hand, regardless of whether it is a private project or a larger enterprise task. Each receives the appropriate experts. How does the business network at all? Is it connected to a potential registration cost? The operation is simple. First of all you must opt for a particular Scout. 4Moms addresses the importance of the matter here. Then, a request can be made. This is non-binding and includes only information that reveals the applicant voluntarily. For this request to the business network, no one is taking a risk, because all data is kept strictly confidential. More precise the Indicated, the better the deals. Of course, the customer wonders whether certain suppliers are not preferred. Is there a secret agreement between 10Scouts and the service providers? All right things goes to the business network. Indeed, a prospective buyer receives the offer that best suits his ideas. But not only that: In the normal case, it remains not only at a range, but to offer more service providers. So, a customer has the choice and can choose the provider best for. Service, right on the doorstep In the Internet, there are numerous offers with good prices. Often, the companies are but then mostly at the other end of Germany. Not so with the business network. Depending on the customer’s request, company be contacted when a request, are located in the immediate vicinity. So no one of his plans to travel long distances, but may discuss with his Scout on the same day about his plan. Who wants to effectively save time, no way around this business network. And: no one buys the cat in the Bag, all experts can prove its special abilities with certificates. Company contact: B & P Internet Management GmbH Mr. Oliver Preikschat Rankestrasse 26 10789 Berlin Germany fon…: 030 / 219 96 99-0 fax..: 030 / 219 96 99-29 web..

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