Month: November 2011

Recruiting Agency Jobs

Whom to entrust the selection of personnel? How to choose a recruitment agency? By what criteria to estimate it, so as not to be mistaken? Here are the concerns of all employers who have decided to entrust the most precious thing – the selection of key personnel – recruiting agencies. Business Development shows that in every market, sooner or later need a single, independent Internet portal, the main industrial site. The site, which will accumulate all the information about the players and the services market and provide independent information to help their clients. In the financial market, for example, it, the insurance –, the real estate market – etc. Even the food industry of Ukraine has its own branch Portal: …

And only the market staff recruitment agencies has hitherto been observed only two types of sites: 1) the so-called boards job boards such as and 2) websites, business cards recruitment agencies. And this despite the fact that Ukraine has More than three hundred employment agencies. Until now, the head of any company, decided to use the services of recruitment, had to see a lot of sites, bit by bit by gathering information about a particular agency. A recruiter who wants to improve their skills, learn about the latest trends in the recruitment market, the relevant seminars and conferences, had to spend working or personal time to ensure that shoveled piles useless information to find exactly what is needed and important. For many years in the recruiting market of Ukraine did not have a unified portal.

Now it is. In August, launched, first online directory and guide to market recruiting services in Ukraine. Here is all you need to personnel officers and their clients can easily find each other, all in order to facilitate their choice. What do I need regular employer to choose a recruitment agency? Quite a bit: a convenient and, most importantly – a complete guide of all market players, information about several of the performer for comparison, ratings, reviews and opinions from others. And you can place the information about your order and issue a tender. What do you need the recruiting agency to find him more potential customers? At the very least – give them a chance to find yourself to be present in the most important directories and references … Members noted the main differences between the new project from other job-sites: for the first time "under one roof," assembled the most complete directory really all recruitment agencies in Ukraine. For the first time customers can leave comments on the work of agencies. For the first time the company may announce tenders for the selection of personnel. For the first time the agency can provide detail not only himself, as a company, but also to present its managers and employees in Under the Community recruiters. For the first time can present their services to recruiters, freelancers. And there's more "useful" for agencies and their clients. There is no doubt that – the first truly industrial site, which has long was needed in the market for recruitment services. In the near future it will become the main trading platform for all players in this market.

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Functional Targeting

There are the following sectors: – the primary sector – activities associated with obtaining primary resources (agriculture, forestry, fisheries, mining); – a secondary sector – industry manufacturing industries (machinery, light industry, construction) – tertiary sector – services (trade, education, medicine) – the quaternary sector – financial and legal services information services, business services, which are the factors of production for the rest of the economy – quinary sector – services for people requiring a particularly high level of staff (Education, medicine, medical care). Currently, there is a complication of social life and production processes, which is accompanied by the further specialization of activity. Complication economic life corresponds to the increasing specialization of urban areas (for both systems of cities, and within the city itself). Stand out the most prestigious and provide the highest percentage revenue (in per unit area of urban land) activities related primarily to the Quaternary sector and related services to its staff in the most prestigious type of service. Such activities are widely cover the major cities, and in those cities – the central zone or generate a compact prestigious area in the suburbs. Traditional forms of production of secondary and tertiary sectors, aimed at extensive land use (industrial plants, warehouses) are discarded in the city a "second tier" or in the distant suburbs of mega-cities.

There is a tendency dezindustrializatsii which causes a change functional orientation of the cities and the distribution of specialties in the labor market. This process causes the flow of migration, problems of re-education, the problems associated with unemployment. Thus, there is interest in determining the long-term functional profile of the city. City-forming industries – industries whose products are able to attract to the city of cash flow, commodity flow corresponding to the product coming from the enterprises in the city to other cities ("export industries"). Gradoobsluzhivayuschie industries – industries that provide the normal functioning of city-forming industries over the needs of the enterprises themselves, and their employees. Currently, the development of mega-cities are the most important sector Quaternary sector in most cities of Russia – the secondary.

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Nikolai Koshman

Under the agency contract one party (the agent) undertakes to perform for compensation on behalf of another party (the principal) legal and other actions on their behalf, but at the expense of the principal, or on behalf of and at the expense of the principal (Art. 1005 Civil Code). When transferring the land to the ownership of a contract for the sale, the buyer assumes the transfer (the developer) to the local budget the sum of money equivalent to the value of the land, specified in the contract. When making a lease contract developer (lessee) obtains the land for temporary possession and use, and shall pay to the local budget rent in the manner prescribed by the contract. VK: For developers provide tax benefits, deferral of land tax? EK: According to Vladimir Ponomarev, vice president of RSA, * the cost of building materials in the country declined by about 40%, while prices for land fell by 15-20%.

In this regard, he made the assumption that the cost of housing construction in 2009 could be reduced by approximately 20-25%. In turn, the president of RSA, Nikolai Koshman noted that at present the average construction cost per square meter ranges from 1.5 to 2 thousand dollars. Nikolai Koshman suggested that in these circumstances for developers who build social housing, it would be appropriate to provide tax relief and deferral of land tax by up to three years, but so far these benefits have not yet appeared. VK: Is it possible to "freeze" social projects, financed by the state agencies? EK: Absolutely.

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