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Ford Motor Company

Entrepreneurs fifties Ray Kroc was 52 years old and worked as a seller of appliances for restaurants when he was fascinated by the small burger bar of brothers Maurice and Richard McDonald, and his system of simple, cheap and fast food. Kroc suggested the two brothers extend their concept of burger bar through franchises and the three teamed up for this purpose. In 1961, he bought the McDonald brothers their share in the business for something more than two and a half million dollars thus becoming the principal owner of the chain, which would become the company’s most important fast food in the world. The chicken to grilled: Roger Schuler need rid of leftover chickens from a bad business. Roger Schuler Swiss had had no luck with the then novel business of raising and selling of chickens to the retail, and after transferring its store of Larco, found more than 1,000 chickens in his possession. Transformed his santa clara casa-granja blue to ward off flies – in a restaurant to step, erected on the unique raw that I had in abundance and that was cheap enough to attract the people travelling by road.

There was only one way to achieve this: serve a dish unique and prepared in massive amounts. The chicken to grilled was born. Henry Ford: American industrialist known for their innovative methods in the motor vehicles industry. At age 16 he became an apprentice mechanic in Detroit. From 1888 to 1899 was mechanical, then Chief mechanic of the Edison Illuminating Company. In 1893, after experimenting in his spare time, he managed to build his first car, and created the Ford Motor Company in 1903.

Bill Gates: American businessman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Corporation. Fascinated by computers since age 12, embarked on several programming projects while studying. During your stay at Harvard, in 1975, Gates teamed up with Allen to develop a version of the programming language BASIC for the Altair, the first computer or personal computer. Given the result obtained with his work in BASIC, decided to leave Harvard, in 1977 to devote himself entirely to Microsoft and get a computer in every Office and in every home, the idea that holding company. Thomas Alva Edison fulfilled the ten years, the small Thomas installed its first laboratory in the basement of his parent’s home and he learned only the rudiments of chemistry and electricity. But at the age of twelve, Edison realized that he could exploit not only his creative capacity, but also his acute practical sense. So, not to mention his passion for experiments, it determined that it was in your hand win cash and cash materializing some of their good occurrences. His first initiative was to sell newspapers and sweets on the train that made the trip from Port Huron to Detroit. The civil war had broken out and travelers were eager for news. Edison persuaded the Telegraph operators of the railway line to give on the notice boards of the titular short stations on development of the race, not to mention add footnote that full details appeared in the newspapers; sold these periodicals the own Edison on the train and there is no saying that they took from the hands. And are they all? There is no more, but for now it is enough. In a next article we will continue.

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The Company

7 They generate productive employment, job opportunities for others. 8 Meet humility a social role, for the good of the country 9.-relatives are taught the art of doing own business. 10.-Are a source of practical knowledge. We must not be afraid to undertake, to start the company, but If we must prepare ourselves so that we can have 70% chance of success. To be successful, must have a minimum, small formation, but solid. We can get this minimum training by various means if we are serious and we are committed to it. It’s not expensive, it’s very cheap.

It is available on the Internet, but should please you read, investigate, drink knowledge. Visit pages of management issues, read articles, free courses, to know the experiences of others, participate in blogs, help us a lot. Local newspapers have items of business, experiences of business, techniques, science, economy, which are very important to read. If you don’t like reading, feeling lost, but housewives study finished badly. The study is the basis of our preparation to face life challenges. Not enough initiative, the good desire to do things, requires discretion, knowledge, to be able to undertake, making reality the own business.

Is not necessary to make a college degree, many the they have done and work driving taxi, sell hamburgers, working in company publishes, earn little money. University degree you do not become a person of success, what will make you successful in life is: knowledge. The man who has the knowledge, transforms reality, dominates the others. To transform the reality of its own labour, required make an investment small, medium, large, in an activity of services, etc. To be successful, this activity our required to minimize the risk, take appropriate decisions. Knowledge is needed to do all this. Can acquire it knowledge only studying… smile and be happy.

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Cabo Companies

Today the Subway of Recife passed over the stretch between the stations Central and Jaboato, and all the line the west total is abandoned and destroyed, having covering of mud and weeds in many parts. The last train that became useful the road-of-iron was the Train of the Forr, until in 1999 rains had made unusable some stretches of it and this train had that to start to cover the line Cure-Handle, last conventional railroad of passengers of Pernambuco still in functioning. The south line made possible the flow of sugar of the Zone of Mata as well as the Line North and made the good for many cities, with prominence to the Handle of Saint Augustin and the Palmares. The recifense stretch was disactivated to give place to the Subway, whose expansion in the south direction will make ten years of very slow workmanships. No station in Recife was left of foot nor so that it served of memory.

It has plans to put a Light Vehicle on Trilhos/VLT between Suape and Recife, but it does not have many details on this, and the remaining stretch between Cabo and Macei, the least for the time being, it is intended to continue abandoned. Railroads that had been very important for the public transport in Pernambuco today nothing more are of what damaged ruins. For backwards of this railroad bankruptcy, it has many factors. In historical sequence, first it came a management fails and unsustainable of the railroads in the first half of century 20, in way that had that to be created the RFFSA to tutor them after the bankruptcy of the old railroad companies. After that, ' ' pragas' ' that they last until today: the interests of automotivas companies, of lobbies of politicians and on entrepreneurs to the oil, of companies of urban buses and means of transportation of long distance, of road administrators who invoice richnesses with tolls and, finally, of politicians whom they prefer to launch faranicas road workmanships the railroad and subway enterprises, therefore roads and viaducts attract more votes.

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The Company

The salary of civil servants varies greatly according to the type of management for its work on this subject there have been many complaints that for example the national police are paid less than the local police, but regardless of these cases, continues to be paid half that for many households is economic relief. Also in times of crisis the official salary freezes but not low. Officials are also called Moscoso which are free days that belong to them and that can be enjoyed throughout the year. In addition to holidays that every worker has the Moscoso facilitate the life of staff members. Officials is another advantage that we should highlight, not everyone has the same schedule or enjoy what then explained, but it is common to find people who match this. There are jobs in which there is no work in the evenings or only work some evenings a week, many officials have holiday weekends and also some must not meet 8 hours a day of work in administration. This and the ease of meet the schedule is one of the main advantages and that the official can devote all this time that is not working in it or the people of her around.

Management provides numerous training courses to its officers so that their knowledge continuously up-to-date with technological advances. With the advantage that non-compulsory courses and job is not affected if the decision not to perform them. Is lately much talk of the advantages of officials with respect to the new laws that are being approved, in addition to equality legislation which a worker meets always, can exercise their rights (rights of strike, maternity, etc.) without that retaliation. The leave of absence that officials can enjoy adapts to multiple instances, for example may request leave of absence to try to work in the company private longer than if not goes well always have the possibility of returning. Other types of leave of absence which is the order of the day is on maternity leave. In any case if you decide to return to public administration officer retains seniority rights. Although you can not generalize because each job is different and there are officials who do not adapt to these advantages and who work more than 8 hours, they work the weekends, etc. But what a person gets when it approves an examination for official is in general quality of life.

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Business Communication

Electronic mail or e-mail is an essential tool for business communications. By following these simple tips sucrase you best party: do not spam. What is spam? Spam or email spam is unsolicited, mail that is sent without authorization. In Spain it is illegal. In addition, if you send bulk mail without authorization, you run the risk become enemies to people who want to earn as clients.

Uses email accounts with your own domain, type (or. is) rather than free accounts. You reforzaras so the image of your company. DO NOT SHOUT. In the mails using capital letters is equivalent to shouting and it is unpleasant.

Always with title or subject very descriptive, so that the recipient knows the reason for your message quickly. Use Bcc when you send the same message to multiple recipients. If you are using the CC option, with a copy, any of the recipients will know the addresses of others. This is a violation of the organic law on data protection (LOPD). And you also offer a bad image, especially if it is an action of e-mail marketing with a large number of recipients who do not know each other. Avoiding these problems is very simple: employs Bcc, blind carbon copy, instead of DC. In some cases, instead of Bcc in your program you will have BCC, is the same. Greets and be nice. Compose your message carefully and write the complete words. An e-mail is not an SMS. Checks the spelling. Do not send attached files of 1 Mb or more without first consulting with the recipient. Remember that there are people who have filters to prevent large files and that not everyone has broadband. So your file won’t some and will cause inconvenience to others. In addition if you send very large files, you can get to lock your own server. Signature. Include it automatically in all your posts. It is considered in addition to your name and your company, put a link to your website and a slogan or promotional phrase.

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The Company Today

Throughout history, the company has evolved parallel to the society. During the past centuries, it was conceived as a set of pieces or departments – purchasing, sales, production – United through lines of command and communication. 20Th century provides the technological revolution, innovate the old and obsolete machinery is necessary and essential to the continuity of the company. Adapt to new technologies is made mandatory for companies that want to stay and grow at the end of the 20th century. We have entered a new millennium, how face the company this new situation? At the dawn of the 21st century scientists are betting on a new vision of life, human beings to the interact are open systems, dissipative structures in continuous evolution and expansion. This scientific vision contemplates a new order within the company, as favouring the evolution and expansion of the individual, the company will accordingly receive its own evolution, key step to consolidate and optimize your goals. Do do this involves only a? shift of focus?.

Front of the vision of the 20th century that believed in the innovation of installations and machinery as a priority point, now add the need to look at the team from a different Prism. If the technological revolution occurred in the 20th century, the 21st century seems posed us new challenges to companies, the innovation of the team. But how to do it? Replace an old and obsolete machine by a new team, attached and programmed properly, is relatively easy. However, in terms of people seems that it is very complex. Admittedly, at first glance, we have the impression of complexity. But, what happens if we go to the scientific view? The scientists, including Fritjof Capra and award Nobel Ilya Prigogine, say that living systems combine the stability of the structure with the fluidity of change and while they relate which allows generating continuous flows of energy and resources, its development and evolution. With this scientific basis, only what is needed is to promote the evolution of individuals from their freedom and creativity, and thus the team innovation will become a reality in the company. Will be the development of the team the challenge of enterprises in the 21st century? How drive the evolution of individuals while they interrelate? Do they will be able, the companies consolidate their development and prestige? Time and experience will give answers to these questions, but on what everyone can agree is: efficiency, union and value on the team driving the strength and prestige of the companies.

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