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    Almost complete copy of the principles of fashion marketing communications business in the automotive, furniture, jewelry markets make the experience of the fashion industry is extremely relevant and applicable to modern conditions. The aim of this paper is an attempt to fill the methodological gap in the theory of marketing communications in the fashion business, as well as their analysis and systematization of design as applied to brands. Designer brands in fashion business communication mix in fashion marketing at the choice of particular instruments always take into account the specifics of the fashion business in general, the degree of compliance with chosen target market instruments, the possibility of each tools enhance the sales or awareness of the fashion product. Remark on the exact process model, the authors of the fashion transformation (The fashion transformation process model), 'mostly undifferentiated brands provide the opportunity fashion products (fashion commodi-ties) range from most to least fashionable, serving the needs of different levels, depending on the degree of fashion consciousness (fashion-consciousness) of consumers. " American Marketing Association (AMA) defines a brand as 'Name, term, sign, symbol or design, as well as combinations thereof, are intended to identify goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from goods or services of competitors. " Designer brand in the fashion business, not only identifies the seller as creators of a certain style, fashion trends, differentiating feshnprodukt with competitive advantages, expressed primarily in style (design), the second – a combination of style (design) with a name, sign and symbol.

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