Great Recession

The fear to that the crisis of the debt of the Euro arrives at France has untied to this Wednesday the panic in the European Bags, that have closed with falls superiors to 5%. The corrective one, that has punished with force to the bank and also it has been let notice in Wall s$street, has taken to the majority of indices to the same levels of the spring of 2009, when the economy underwent the consequences of the fall of Lehman Brothers, that broke in September of 2008. Sad moral: neither the millionaire aid to the bank, nor the hard plans of adjustment, nor the liquidity without limit have prevented the return from the Bags to the hole in which they fell in the worse thing of the Great Recession. From the last European movement to confront the crisis, the summit of the past 21 of June in that it remembered make flexible and extend the bottom of rescue of the Euro, the bags have lost more of 20%. Source of the news: : The major ' crash' from the Great Recession

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