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    Or if the pages of those sites are absolutely unknown, never have heard talk about them and resemble each other. In addition, linked sites seem to irrelavantes in relation to the main theme of the directory or it is a strange conglomeration of websites without a central idea. You can therefore find links about fossil fuels and clothes for children on the same page. There is a clear and logical structure. Surely, none of the links of the farms you find interesting or relevant. They often consist of pages that only include advertisements, or content without much sense or interest for the visitor.

    No te enganes if sometimes these pages get a pagerank higher for a short period of time. Good spammers are able to inflate the pagerank of a website during over time, although after a time, Google hunting them, and adjusts the value of the web to reality. Before requesting a link to your site from a Directory well monitors not to use some of the tricks mentioned. If they do, likely will be, not a directory but a farm of links. Search engines every day more easily detect links farms. When they do, they annul the votes that represent links to your page.

    So I do not see that interest may have to it, that your page is part of a farm of links. More tricks spam in relation to the links. Although the link farms are the most popular form for link spam, there are other which though less used, also bear fruit. Hidden links. A technique of spam that hides words visitors but shown to search engines. Spammers who hide links make it the same way, concealing the links with other content, enabling them to boost search engines with hundreds or thousands of hidden links. Blog and book of visitors spamming. Some spammers use programs that automatically comments be included in their blogs and books of visitors.

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