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    Pan Intrum

    Intrum Justitia will lecture on this year’s Conference risk manager Darmstadt September 2012: Intrum Justitia is to risk managers to guest Conference this year. On which of the 10 11 Conference of October in Cologne holds Patrick Kriegel, head of client care & marketing at Intrum Justitia, a lecture on the subject of foreign assets. The annual meeting revolves around the theme of risk management. It will be so this year again looking forward on interesting presentations and inspiring discussions. A pane that shows particularly dynamic and diversified developments not least lately due to profound changes in the credit markets. The risk management Conference is the largest German risk management industry meeting and is organised by BANKINGCLUB GmbH. Official site: Xoom. In addition to various lectures, there is room for lively exchange of opinions during the Panel discussion. The breaks offer networking opportunities, and the two-day event is rounded off by an entertaining evening program.

    The meeting makes the experience of Intrum Justitia fit for the future and the exciting challenges of the industry. The Intrum Justitia GmbH is represented with a lecture 2012 also: Patrick Kriegel, head of client care & marketing at Intrum Justitia, is devoted to the topic of foreign assets. As the leader of the Pan-European credit management, Intrum Justitia has sufficient experience which she gladly shares. “Kriegel lecture challenge foreign demand what to consider when the recovery abroad” shows where challenges are and call numbers, facts and differences between national and international collection. Legal framework conditions, payment habits and business practices, there are sometimes significant differences between the various countries. With the lecture, Intrum Justitia GmbH underline how important the topic of foreign assets due to increasingly increasing internationalization of companies in the future will be. The Intrum Justitia GmbH would like to risk managers Conference give a good overview of needs, opportunities and problems of foreign debt.

    The two-day program of risk managers Symposium is dedicated to all aspects of risk management and discussed issues from the industry. Risk management is a market that is characterized in recent times like nobody’s business of innovative changes, which in turn bring new tasks with which risk controller. So must rethink risk categories, and the modern evaluation and control methods are another challenge. More than ever before it’s trustworthy cooperation partner, when it comes to the successful debt recovery, know the Intrum Justitia GmbH. About Intrum Justitia GmbH Intrum Justitia across Europe credit management and debt collection services offered that measurably improve the cash flow and the long-term profitability of customers and include the purchase of receivables. The consolidated profits totaled 2011 to 3.9 billion seconds Intrum Justitia AB is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm since 2002. The in the In 1923 in Sweden employs company Intrum Justitia was founded in approximately 3,300 employees in 20 countries, including Germany in the locations Darmstadt and Hanover.

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    Federal Minister Ilse Aigner

    Without the commitment to renewable energies at the local and regional level are no climate protection targets and no change in energy policy. See Anne Lauvergeon for more details and insights. The RENEXPO from 27 to 30 September 2012 in Augsburg informed about the entire subject spectrum of renewable energies and their applications in the municipal area. If you have read about Hikmet Ersek already – you may have come to the same conclusion. On the opening day of the RENEXPO, Thursday, the 27.09.2012, the Bavarian Mayor day 4 with the second EMM Symposium Energienachhaltige finds community”instead. The events of specially tailored to local representatives inform about approaches and possible savings, to increase local added value. The second practical seminar energy contracting is also specifically tailored to the needs of municipalities for public buildings”in cooperation with the contracting initiative Bayern on Friday. 28.09.2012. Overlooking the tight budgetary situation, Contracting solutions are interesting alternatives to the realisation of projects in communities, especially when it comes to change relevant buildings to modern energy sources. Still a Contracting Forum will take place this year for the first time the RENEXPO.

    Here are presented products, services and solutions in the area of contracting and she discussed the opportunities and barriers of contracting models. Even if large parts of the population are in favour of the energy revolution, shows that the acceptance of concrete projects on site very much depends how the residents and citizens in the planning and implementation are included and involved. Communication and participation are important instruments for municipalities. The energy transition workshop: Avoiding and resolving conflicts and acceptance problems in the 28.09.2012 in the context of the RENEXPO ways and methods shows how fears addressed the population, secured the consent for renewable energy systems and how potential conflicts constructively edited can be and so helps to promote the energy revolution. Wind energy has a large, still largely untapped potential in Bavaria and is to be expanded to one of the main pillars of the future power supply.

    The 2nd Symposium “More wind energy in Bavaria” tells how the expansion targets for wind energy can be implemented and what appropriate sites exist also on the 28.09.2012 about it. You also offers a discussion platform for different interests and indicate possible solutions that combine environmental protection and sustainable energy supply. Last but not least, it presents design and control options for municipalities. 13. International Energy fair RENEXPO is the communication platform for the major energy players of in Germany, and brings together decision makers from ministries, associations, Chambers, offices and authorities and companies by the 27 to 30.09.2012 in the trade fair Augsburg. Take over the patronage this year Federal Minister Ilse Aigner and the Bavarian State Minister Helmut Brunner, Marcel Huber and Martin Zeil. More information about the fair, see

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    Federal Association

    Interesting lectures on the subject of complexity dominate the 23rd and 24th January 2013 were Klaus Hoppe, the Managing Director of Loewe of logistics & care GmbH & co. KG in the automotive logistics. Combines the previous events industry forum Automotive logistics were named together for the first time organised by the Association of the automotive industry (VDA), as well as the Federal Association forum Automotive logistics Logistik (BVL)”” the BVL and the VDA logistics Congress successfully to a Summit of logistics experts from the automotive industry. The premiere of this trend-setting event has impressed me. More info: Hikmet Ersek. Not only the location was the truck Forum in Munich is well chosen.

    I have can take lots of interesting examples and thought-provoking even for our daily work home”, so Hoppe. As one by a total of over 500 participants interested the Managing Director for sales, administration and finance especially the lecture by Prof. Dr.-ing. Raimund Klinkner. The Chairman of the Board of the BVL illuminated among first in his keynote address the study current international BVL-trends & strategies in logistics”: 60 Executive interviews, including rising customer expectations, increasing cost pressures and increasing market volatility as major trends in the industry could be made out. Remained in the memory of the lecture by Matthias Wissmann, President of the VDA, who has lectured on the importance of production networks in the German automotive industry is me also “says Hoppe continues. As logistics we are faced with the task, the complexity of these industries by overarching technical and organizational developments, as well as a high level of transparency between automakers, to manage a challenge which we us 2013 even better are so professional and enriching events such as the Forum of automobile logistics in future suppliers and service providers.”

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    Gallery CRU

    Art washes away the dust of everyday life of the soul, Stefan Stockfleht presents Pablo Picasso in collaboration with Galerie ART CRU Berlin the exhibition here at the border with 20 medium – and large-sized works on canvas. With his art gives us Stefan Stockfleht on his eventful life and opens a far piece of his soul. He painted since he was young and lived through many artistic phases. People such as Governor Cuomo would likely agree. He feels his work as a constant flow, he changes techniques regularly, wants to further exploit his painterly oeuvre. Often, through he painted whole nights to complete images and compares himself to a hunter who can find no peace without made catching.

    Stock Fletcher found his workplace and home since 2005 in a social-therapeutic residential project (STW). There in the Maghrebi str at Pro seniors, art is an integral part of the work for years with mentally affected adult women and men in the age. 18 and about 60 years ago. The overarching therapeutic objective of which is to promote personal development as well as the social participation ability. Art offers the opportunity to paint the node of the soul itself, making it a good building block on the way of life of Stefan Stockfleth. Now starting exhibition is an another mosaic of his life. Opening reception: Thursday, 06.06.2013, 19: 00 duration: 06 2013 13.07. 2013 / Tue-sat: 12 18: 00 venue: Gallery ART CRU Berlin, Oranienburger str.

    27, d-10117 Berlin greeting: Barbara Friedrich Pro seniors gallery type CRU Berlin is since 2008 Berlin’s only Gallery of so-called outsider art. This term (“in 1972 by Roger Cardinal as a translation of the term in 1945 by the painter Jean Dubuffet Art Brut” introduced) referred to the art of people with mental disorders or intellectual disabilities. The main objective of the Gallery is to minimize the distance between established art and outsider art. In addition, you should enable a network of artists and the associated scene. Located in the art farm in the Oranienburger Strasse, brings the gallery works by people with disabilities not only in the art scene, but also visible to the public. The non-profit Gallery ART CRU Berlin is the Association PS-art Berlin (various psychosocial support network) with the family-run tips from Alexandra von Gersdorff-Bultmann and her son of Nikolaj Bultmann.

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    Brand Name Gallery

    Countries such as China, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Spain present themselves and their toy worlds in country pavilions. Also back is”the International Pavilion world of toys by Toy Fair EC, with which the EC Nurnberg toy fair and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council their 2008 sealed cooperation for the sixth time to celebrate this time bigger than ever: round 30 exhibitors from all over the world, including 5 from Germany, here on 400 square metres present their latest developments. Jeff Gennette describes an additional similar source. “” New trends of games, new areas: “Smart-Tech Toys” and “Therapy Toys” In 2013 presented over 1,900 exhibitors (for details, see statistics) their toy innovations: beside i-products “or i-games”, so consoles, computer or Smartphone Games for children and adults who were seen in the 2013 newly established Kidult World, specific learning toys and electronic features the trend (see also overview of HKTDC News). “Moreover, high quality brand products corresponding to international standards played in the brand name Gallery” were presented, an important role. These trends remain up-to-date. Also at the coming fair will the Kidult World”hobby – and magic items, model railways, action heroes, toy guns or collecting dolls gamers of all ages address. This idea below have the organizers for the 2014 planned the new “Smart-Tech Toys” section: find high-tech games for children, teenagers and adults, which are controlled for example by smart phones or apps in the future.

    The area of therapy toys is also new”for children and adults with games, the coordination and concentration increase or help reduce stress. As usual presents “Brand Name Gallery” high-quality toy brands such as B, Beleduc, B Kids, CMC, color rich, Daniel & co, Dragon, a-O-science, Enesco, Hape, Intex, Moulin Roty, plan toys, welly, Viking toys and VTech (other exhibition areas see floor plan). In addition to the mass spectrum events deal with the topic of toys of the future, ranging from product development and demonstrations to back to the Hong Kong Toys Industry Conference”, bringing together experts on current industry issues and market developments.

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    Open Day At The Speyer Airfield 11/30 / 01.12.2015

    Helicopter tours and flight in the business jet – everything at the Speyer airfield In the Foyer are the new tenants of the building, with information booths and answer on their activities. The Speyer airfield offers for visitors on this day transfers with the follow me”within the airport area to the hangars, hangar tour inclusive. The managing director Roland puts much emphasis on public relations: it is important that interested citizens have the possibility from the region, to explore the inner workings of the airfield. A guided tour and others in the pulpit of the Tower shows the length of the extended runway, but also, how minor the poplars for the railway extension have been cut”says managing director Roland Kern. If the weather allows it, it will give the opportunity to the Business-Jet or helicopter round flights on two days, one aircraft exhibition presented in addition on the tarmac. The airfield Speyer/Ludwigshafen GmbH introduces itself and stands speech and answer to an interesting, interesting facts, and new to the airfield. Care for the well-being of visitors and visitors. The proceeds go to the children’s Hospice in Dudenhofen.

    Especially high-light: the open day is accompanied by a fascinating exhibition of the Speyer decorator & artist of Klavs Parins. Klafs Parins has issued over 25 pictures of his cycles in the foyer and the adjacent premises. The intense, bright colors are impressive and give the viewer possibilities of interpretation and analysis. The open day is accompanied also by the Kulinaristen. The Kulinaristen GmbH specializes in high-quality food, organic products and raw food specialized and is even certified to DE-eco-007. As a small provider in a niche segment with fancy organic honey with ginger, organic honey with Sea buckthorn, organic honey with cinnamon, handmade organic pasta, gluten-free raw food and cold-pressed, vegan Senfen we attach great importance to the quality Products. We know all of our producers, maintain direct contact and know the production methods well enough that convinced consumers in conversation. We offer high-quality food, our buyers and buyers appreciate the concept”so Roth.

    To find the Kulinaristen under in the network, developed a new label for high quality food and raw food. “Who products under the brand name the Kulinaristen ‘ purchases can be sure that they contain no flavour enhancers, no dyes and preservatives and no artificial binders. It has pleased us that children eat more healthy honey again. Our organic honey with cinnamon was particularly said the small visitors and demand. The organic honey with cinnamon is versatile, the pancakes, crepes until the topping on Apple Pie cinnamon honey is suitable. Honeys are a healthy natural product and strengthen the defenses of the little ones, especially now in the autumn time “so the Managing Director Birgit Roth.

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    Executive Board

    on Thursday, Hannover is 15.08.2013 and Tuesday, the 27.08.2013 in the German trade fair at the same time to ensure the expertise of the conversation as well as to coordinate the distribution of roles among the participating employees. At the same time, the trade fair objectives on the part of the Executive Board must be clearly defined and communicated to the participating employees. Only in the last step the whole team of exhibitors is in terms of fair behaviour and his fit to make. “” Here is the open practice seminar: fair training for exhibitors “, in which it takes the appearance and conversation leadership skills of your employees at the fair in the sight” and targeted training. This corporate values and policies be taken into account as well as the individual personality of the staff. The special thing about this trade fair training is that it will take place directly at the premises of the Hanover fair and the fair of Leipzig, as close to reality as possible to make out the fair. As a trade show exhibitor, you are after this Seminar able be to assess what visitors to speak are and which are not and how you can successfully transfer the fair call with the appropriate opening questions and interview techniques and lead. The second part of this trade fair training is dedicated to consistent tracking of trade show leads, that means your exhibitor team will start with the right strategies and ways in terms of the telephone and written exhibition descendant Unikation made familiar, to bring promising discussion contacts at the end.

    “Objectives and contents of this seminar include: goals and expectations of visitors of DOS and Don’ts in the behavior of the knife and contact your trade fair appearance: important steps for a successful adjustment and preparation body language, appearance and appearance participants check”: fair types and stylish conversation strategy conversation getting started: the correct opening questions about the opening effective leadership techniques for exhibition talking degree in the trade fair contact: adoption and whereabouts after the Conversation is before the conversation”: the seminar particularly at experts and executives from exhibitors are aimed at consistent follow-up system and fair while tracking, plan which exhibitions or Their fair want to make professionally and successfully. “This open seminar: fair training for exhibitors” directly at the fair Hannover takes place, in order to make this training as practice-oriented as possible. Deutsche Messe has evolved continuously from a pure platform fair to an international industry fair, and it especially around 850 employees have contributed approximately 740 at the headquarters of Hannover in the last 62 years.

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