English Internet

    The impact of Internet on the five forces is obvious. Some of the observed trends are positive, others – no. K positive trends include decreasing the force of sales channels in relation to the manufacturer. At one time it was thought that the Internet in general will make it unnecessary to the seller, the manufacturer will be able to sell directly their goods to the final consumer using the Internet. This did not happen, but pressure sales channels to the producer, really, seriously diminished. Another positive development was the use of the Internet that significantly expand the market for a product or service company. However, most of the trends associated with the Internet, according to Porter, has a negative impact. The Internet offers consumers access almost all required for the purchase of information, often making it more competent than themselves sellers. Expand the market together with the positive and negative momentum has. From now on, the buyer can buy goods not only at home but also abroad, if it is more advantageous price. For example, an English electronics buyers are often ordered goods in America, because even with shipping and customs clearance, he was worth cheaper than at home. All this undoubtedly strengthens the position of the user, allowing him to impose its conditions of sale. Internet significantly reduces the need for major investments in sales and access to channels sales. The result is a low entry barriers. The Internet creates a situation where substantially offset by the difference between large and small enterprises.

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