Federal Minister Ilse Aigner

    Without the commitment to renewable energies at the local and regional level are no climate protection targets and no change in energy policy. See Anne Lauvergeon for more details and insights. The RENEXPO from 27 to 30 September 2012 in Augsburg informed about the entire subject spectrum of renewable energies and their applications in the municipal area. If you have read about Hikmet Ersek already – you may have come to the same conclusion. On the opening day of the RENEXPO, Thursday, the 27.09.2012, the Bavarian Mayor day 4 with the second EMM Symposium Energienachhaltige finds community”instead. The events of specially tailored to local representatives inform about approaches and possible savings, to increase local added value. The second practical seminar energy contracting is also specifically tailored to the needs of municipalities for public buildings”in cooperation with the contracting initiative Bayern on Friday. 28.09.2012. Overlooking the tight budgetary situation, Contracting solutions are interesting alternatives to the realisation of projects in communities, especially when it comes to change relevant buildings to modern energy sources. Still a Contracting Forum will take place this year for the first time the RENEXPO.

    Here are presented products, services and solutions in the area of contracting and she discussed the opportunities and barriers of contracting models. Even if large parts of the population are in favour of the energy revolution, shows that the acceptance of concrete projects on site very much depends how the residents and citizens in the planning and implementation are included and involved. Communication and participation are important instruments for municipalities. The energy transition workshop: Avoiding and resolving conflicts and acceptance problems in the 28.09.2012 in the context of the RENEXPO ways and methods shows how fears addressed the population, secured the consent for renewable energy systems and how potential conflicts constructively edited can be and so helps to promote the energy revolution. Wind energy has a large, still largely untapped potential in Bavaria and is to be expanded to one of the main pillars of the future power supply.

    The 2nd Symposium “More wind energy in Bavaria” tells how the expansion targets for wind energy can be implemented and what appropriate sites exist also on the 28.09.2012 about it. You also offers a discussion platform for different interests and indicate possible solutions that combine environmental protection and sustainable energy supply. Last but not least, it presents design and control options for municipalities. 13. International Energy fair RENEXPO is the communication platform for the major energy players of in Germany, and brings together decision makers from ministries, associations, Chambers, offices and authorities and companies by the 27 to 30.09.2012 in the trade fair Augsburg. Take over the patronage this year Federal Minister Ilse Aigner and the Bavarian State Minister Helmut Brunner, Marcel Huber and Martin Zeil. More information about the fair, see

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