Proinnovera Test Center Moves Into

    It’s finally here! The professional testing center of proinnovera GmbH followed the rest of the staff in the new premises on the Wienburgstrasse207 in Munster. After the bulk of the contract company for clinical research and development for the first April had taken the former Wyeth building in Munster, the subjects-tract of the building was finished now after extensive renovations. 15 Years clinical research in Munster proinnovera GmbH takes over for 15 years as a clinical research organization (CRO) “for their clients the planning, implementation and evaluation of clinical trials.” These are tests that are conducted on healthy volunteers or patients and to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of new medicines in practice. The comprehensive clinical examination of a newly developed drug is the precondition that a preparation on the market can be admitted. For approximately ten years such studies also locally in the in-house test center are the Company serves. There is a permanent staff of medical personnel and scientific staff that take care of the care of the study participants and the planning and execution of the study activities. A success offers conversion more room for innovation which was conversion really,”enthuses business unit manager Dr. Marion Breuer.

    The rooms were spacious and the new lighting concept is much more modern and friendly. So our volunteers can feel even then, if they even spend some more time with us. We are also much better to reach now also with the bike.” An advantage, to appreciate also the subjects of current studies. You currently arriving from the entire city area to E.g. due to Acne to treat. A new gel that is applied externally on the affected skin is tested in this project. Even after the move, we are looking for still subjects, the desire to have us in this research projects to support.”says Ms. Dr.

    Breuer. Of course no one on an adequate allowance must (in this case 780,-Euro) abandon. Volunteers are always welcome actually went and the study operating of the test centre continues seamlessly even after moving. On the first working day, July 9, 2012, the first subjects in the new premises were already at 7: 00. In addition to the acne study wife Dr. Breuer’s team supervised also studies on the subject of Eczema (atopic dermatitis), Actinic Keratosis and compatibility tests on healthy volunteers. Who is interested in a study participation, can either call sign in the test center or inform themselves in advance on the Internet about current activities.