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Electrical Equipment

When purchasing electrical equipment, should be preferred products known manufacturers: Legrand, abb, Gusi Electric and other Cost of quality electrical work, including the cost of materials, wiring, installation of machines, receptacles and installation of related equipment, in currently ranges from 500 rubles per square meter. Installation of bath and toilet will cost 3-5 thousand rubles for each "subject", shells – about a thousand rubles, the laying of water pipes – from two hundred up to a thousand rubles per meter, depending on pipe material, installation of water meter costs about 3,000 rubles. In addition, usually require the installation of valves, combs, water filters, towel, etc. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Mirilashvili and gain more knowledge.. In total would have to spend 15-30 thousand rubles. Calculating the budget repair, is always aware that when you make a contract with one contractor to perform complex operations the client is entitled to receive discounts.

Calculate the cost of materials themselves is very difficult: you can purchase a simple toilet seat for 3,000 rubles, or this "throne" is ten times more expensive. Big and spread the cost of baths (from 5 to 50 thousand rubles, not counting hydro "Units"), sinks, etc. But the purchase of pipes, valves, fittings, gears and other communications equipment is better than "stuff" and buy quality instruments: Bugatti, Sena, Hydrosta, Pex, and so certain items of expenditure – heating. It is a long time, so it makes sense to choose modular bimetallic radiators. Their value is an average of 500 per section, standard battery for a city apartment will cost around 10-20 thousand rubles.

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Electric Drill

Using an electric drill with a drill diameter of 3.5 mm drilled in identified points of the hole, perpendicular to the plane of the circle. For the motor screw angle bracket or band parallel to the plane of the circle. This bracket screwed into the existing economy hinges with a smooth and accurate way. The second wing hinge screws with a block cutter. Knot with the tool is a rigid structure, sawed-off from the corner (at least 45 of the first corner) with a width of 20 mm. By the basis of the block parallel to the shelf corner is attached lengthy M8h80 bolt nut that allows you to change the distance the tool from the beginning corner, that is set arbitrarily (within the circle) diameter disk cut. Diameter cut out discs regulated by the amount rectangular strips (size 30×20 with a hole diameter of 8.2 mm in the center), sawed-off from 2 mm iron sheet. Number of pads can reach up to 20 pieces.

Sam cutter can be made from an old knife planer, from saw blade, etc., but the thickness was not less than 2,5 mm. Height of the cutter – about 10 mm and a height depends on the distance between the shelf corners and parallel attached to her long bolt. Sharpen tool will have to manually grinding wheel so that the end is a triangle height of 5 mm, with angles of 95 and 60 degrees. Of the place can undermine the end of the cutter so that the edge of the disc was cut parallel to its axis. At the level of tool mark and drill holes in the bracket and site tool so that a homemade thumb screw passing through them, draw them closer to the surface of the cutter wheel. Then in the opening bracket threaded M6, and the node – hole diameter 6.5 mm. If it will hinder progress of a site tool, then drilled a hole the same diameter in the direction opposing the movement. Crank micrometer can be drawn from suitable handles, which can conveniently be great. Between the bracket and hub cutter pass a screw through a suitable diameter and stiffness of the spring and washer, check the smoothness of the tool at the site. The machine is ready, but to cut discs necessary to make several triangular pattern corresponding to the holes in concentric circles. Template-cut triangles with three holes, three screws are clamped on the wheel, turn engine and the rotating handle, cutter begins to cut a disc.

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Mikhail Dymshits

And the first part should be divided not by type of work performed, and the objects of repair. Get something like this: walls, floors, ceilings, walls, doorways, windows, doors, electrical, plumbing, balcony, odd jobs (cleaning, garbage pickup, dismantling), etc. Here, Hikmet Ersek expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Such an approach would examine the entire process step by step. The second part consists of a list of materials for pre-and finishing works. That is considered separately mortars, pipes, wires, circuit elements, etc., apart – doors and windows, paint, wallpaper, flooring, wall outlets, light fixtures, sinks, etc.

As practice shows, the basis of the expenditure is material – the order of 65-70%. The second volume cost item is the cost of the work. "If in the early 2000's salary of workers was approximately 20% of the total budget, while today the cost of skilled workers – about 30% of the repair costs of 1 square meter ", – said Dymshits, ceo of consulting company" Dymshits and partners. " If we talk about the cost of housing arrangement in absolute terms, it is estimated that the average price "Cosmetic" repair now accounts for about 3,5-4 thousand rubles. per one square meter, and the capital – around 10-12 thousand rubles. This is indicative figures. Among other things, the size of the estimates depends on the age and type of building. Thus, the new monolithic house will have to build interior partitions, and then do screed in each room.

Therefore, in this case the repair will cost more and will cost about 20 thousand rubles. per m2. But the panel new buildings shall be generally "for final finishing. This means that without preparation you can make repairs, close to the "cosmetic", at minimal cost – around 7-8 thousand rubles. per m2. Sometimes do as follows: the most simple works are carried out independently, and complicated operation, requiring highly skilled professionals charge. For some work (painting and plastering, etc.) can attract private masters, but electrics and plumbing are best left to the masters license. "And with the company, and private traders to enter into a contract, to prescribe it all the milestones, deadlines and penalties for breach of obligations", – Recalls Presidential Adviser Financial Building Corporation Leader Gregory . "And be sure to ask the foreman all receipts for expenses incurred and receipts for all funds that you give foreman. Pay for work of repairmen best step by step ", – Elena advises Alferov. Repair of an apartment or house is quite possible to carry out, stay within a certain amount of time and calculated in advance. To curb the seemingly uncontrolled process will help pre-planning, systematic approach and careful preparation of necessary documentation, in the first place – making detailed estimates. If everything is well thought out, then "Disaster" turn to the process, monitoring of which can give real pleasure to its organizers. Press Service of the Group PROPLEKS

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If you have a new apartment or if you decide to upgrade your interior with new flooring such as laminate, in this case, we hope our article will help you. You have chosen to laminate, but now in front of you faced with the task, what kind of laminate to choose and where it is most advantageous to buy. If you have a residential premises, it is best to buy laminate class 32 wearability, and if the commercial – then the laminate 33 or 34 classes. In collections Laminate 32 classes suggest that you examine laminate egger, ecoflooring or tarkett. Prices for this laminate will vary from 320 to 700 rubles per m2, depending on the complexity of the collection (collection with a facet most expensive collection without chamfer usually do not cost more than 500 per m2). If you fit laminate 33 or 34 classes, then consider such renowned brands such as Pergo, Alloc (from 950 to 1600 rubles. M2) or more than the budget, but no less interesting Ecoflooring: the price varies from 600 to 800 rubles per m2, with This virtually all of the collection comes with an imitation of a solid board, ie Bevel and very pleasant thickness of 12 mm, which makes office floors are more quiet. Where to buy laminate flooring in Moscow? One of the most attractive companies for sale laminate, in our opinion, is the company Ramhouse and its site on the Internet remarkable life, from the point of view, the users of the Internet: a convenient directory, all the information about sizes, prices, modes of presentation, etc.

, Low prices laminate flooring laminate flooring and free shipping to the customer. Really benefit that the company carries a warranty replacement of marriage, that agreement is very important as a marriage in the laminate is very often. From itself may add that we ordered laminate from this company many times, and she have never been let down. Maria Kolesnikova, a design studio "April", Moscow.

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They are heterogeneous, since the structure of matter there are a large number of microcells, therefore, almost 98% of the Styrofoam plate is air. The quantity of granules is 5 to 15 millimeters. Granules consist mainly of carbon and hydrogen, which determines the high ecological purity of the material. Expanded polystyrene is not harmful to humans, has no odor, does not form dust and perfectly breathable. Plates from a foam easy to handle, they are not harmful to the outer integument of the human body, not a source of allergy. In the presence of environmental cleanliness, the foam has received extensive use in the construction of residential buildings, industrial centers and sites of strategic purpose. Also, the foam used in the manufacture of vessels, piping insulation, and road construction. Often, in containers of polystyrene food store, at least – a toy.

Cookers have high heat and sound insulation characteristics typical of the magnificent acoustic properties, which are due to excellent performance foam and insulating properties. High ability to foam is achieved by the foam in the structure has a layer of air and only 2% of the polymer, which determines the main heat and sound insulation characteristics of the material. The air is small in the thermal conductivity, so the polystyrene plate has a thermal conductivity of nearly 0.04 W / mK, which is much smaller than the thermal conductivity of wood, articles made of clay, limestone and other building materials. The lower the thermal conductivity, the higher the level of energy efficiency. To get away from the wall of bricks such values insulating characteristics, such as from expanded polystyrene, we need a wall having a thickness of 2.1 m, so the foam is an excellent material for insulation. Polyfoam still used in the manufacture of cold stores and warehouses. Expanded polystyrene has a high fire resistance, due to autoignition temperature 491 degrees.

With an open fire foam, as well as many building materials, exposed to combustion, but combustion itself is not supported, ie damped the flame, then go out and penoplas within four seconds. When the event of fire, burning the foam raises the temperature of less than, say, a burning log. There are slabs of foam, enriched with flame retardants such plates can extinguish themselves, so the often used in construction. If you strictly follow fire safety rules, the foam is much less dangerous than many other used building materials. Plates of foam does not dissolve and do not absorb moisture, so do not swell with time. To avoid condensation, it is necessary to comply with design standards. Because of the resistance to moisture, the foam used for insulation of the foundations of buildings. Polyfoam different low density, but also has high mechanical strength in tension and compression. This enables the use of foam polystyrene plates as a good building material, which can carry a uniform mechanical load, with no deformation or without fear of sagging. All this indicates that the foam is ideal, inexpensive and practical material for the work on thermal insulation of the building, whether new and has already built a dwelling house, building an administrative or industrial purposes.

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Career Choices and Construction

In the life of a person engaged in many activities. Someone chooses a career as a teacher, someone delves into the bizarre world of science, others also dedicate their lives to personal business. Varieties of a quite a lot and all of them do not list. But there is one thing that one way or another each of us faces. What is it you ask? How would the answer did not sound corny, but it's the most unusual word – construction. Thus, for First you need to deal with the concept of building.

Construction – a human activity, the main direction of which – the creation of engineering structures and buildings, as well as their associated objects. Construction started in the dawn of mankind and will continue to exist as long as there will be a humanity on planet Earth. In the early stages of human development, it was quite primitive, but Now this is a complex multifaceted process that depends on many factors. To date, the market for construction services is quite extensive. Probably in your town are construction companies or construction firms, offering various services in this area. But who can be trusted with such an important matter? How to make sure who is really a true professional and who "hack"? And yet not a few important cost of service "repairs and Construction. There are several ways to gather information. Initially, you can interview relatives and friends for recommendations, based on personal experience of theirs.

You can also find interesting information in the media media. But, in my opinion, better and easier to find information on the Internet. Probably in your town there is a large building portal that allows you to find information about any construction services, construction companies and shops. Keep pace with the progress! And finally, I would say there is nothing better than personal experience. Try and experiment.

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