Open Day At The Speyer Airfield 11/30 / 01.12.2015

Helicopter tours and flight in the business jet – everything at the Speyer airfield In the Foyer are the new tenants of the building, with information booths and answer on their activities. The Speyer airfield offers for visitors on this day transfers with the follow me”within the airport area to the hangars, hangar tour inclusive. The managing director Roland puts much emphasis on public relations: it is important that interested citizens have the possibility from the region, to explore the inner workings of the airfield. A guided tour and others in the pulpit of the Tower shows the length of the extended runway, but also, how minor the poplars for the railway extension have been cut”says managing director Roland Kern. If the weather allows it, it will give the opportunity to the Business-Jet or helicopter round flights on two days, one aircraft exhibition presented in addition on the tarmac. The airfield Speyer/Ludwigshafen GmbH introduces itself and stands speech and answer to an interesting, interesting facts, and new to the airfield. Care for the well-being of visitors and visitors. The proceeds go to the children’s Hospice in Dudenhofen.

Especially high-light: the open day is accompanied by a fascinating exhibition of the Speyer decorator & artist of Klavs Parins. Klafs Parins has issued over 25 pictures of his cycles in the foyer and the adjacent premises. The intense, bright colors are impressive and give the viewer possibilities of interpretation and analysis. The open day is accompanied also by the Kulinaristen. The Kulinaristen GmbH specializes in high-quality food, organic products and raw food specialized and is even certified to DE-eco-007. As a small provider in a niche segment with fancy organic honey with ginger, organic honey with Sea buckthorn, organic honey with cinnamon, handmade organic pasta, gluten-free raw food and cold-pressed, vegan Senfen we attach great importance to the quality Products. We know all of our producers, maintain direct contact and know the production methods well enough that convinced consumers in conversation. We offer high-quality food, our buyers and buyers appreciate the concept”so Roth.

To find the Kulinaristen under in the network, developed a new label for high quality food and raw food. “Who products under the brand name the Kulinaristen ‘ purchases can be sure that they contain no flavour enhancers, no dyes and preservatives and no artificial binders. It has pleased us that children eat more healthy honey again. Our organic honey with cinnamon was particularly said the small visitors and demand. The organic honey with cinnamon is versatile, the pancakes, crepes until the topping on Apple Pie cinnamon honey is suitable. Honeys are a healthy natural product and strengthen the defenses of the little ones, especially now in the autumn time “so the Managing Director Birgit Roth.

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