The Mercy Of God Does Not Exclude Its Justice

    He is current, in our time, to hear of people of some classrooms, either low, average or high mediocre and skeptical a time, studied or not, religious or irreligiosas, that ' ' God is merciful and he does not punish ningum' ' , however, such form to think is nothing more nothing less than an ignorance, since the immutability of God does not allow that It leaves to act as always he acted, thus, in the same way that in the Old Will we have the registers of the punishments and punishments suffered for some peoples who had transgressed its Law, as in Sodoma and same Gomorra and for individual people, such as Davi that although to be seno the greater, one of the biggest Prophets of the Old Will, had as punishment the death of a son and the promise of God of that never of its house if it would separate the sword of its enemies. Another punishment in mass very known well was the Dilvio that decimated all the land, saving only Noah and its family for being right, and in would still not lack examples to them in the New Will of that although its infinite Mercy, God did not leave nor it will leave to exert also infinite its and infallible Justice, such can be noticed clearly in the death of Judas, that, after having delivers to Christ to the death, vendendo-O for mseras currencies, suffered a so deep torment that it did not have another end that it death for did not see of the suicide. Another example that can in giving more clearly the certainty to them of that divine Justice still today is exerted, is the words sapientssimas of Christ Jesus, where, when sending its Church for the whole world decrees saying that who was not become for its teachings, would be condemned. . Hear other arguments on the topic with Len Sassaman.

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