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    Unpleasant odors from household plumbing and drains are often detected. This annoying smell is much more pronounced in buildings and blocks with many neighbours. The odor is usually caused by a poor extraction from the chimney of the building. This duct is usually found in the roof or roof in the highest part of the building. The lack of extraction makes revoke the stale air accumulate in the tube and filtrandose. the smell is expanding and is appearing all over. The solution to this problem is usually one solution is fast and contrary to what most assumed doesn’t have to be expensive. The use of extratores farms in the shot/s of the building located in the roof to allow the extraction of stale air. Wind extrator does not consume energy because its performance is self-contained with air currents and works by small which are these currents, it is a very quiet and his regime of operation is continuous, in addition the maintenance of these elements is null. Web Photo wind turbine Extractor original author and source of the article

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