The study consisted of two tests: in the first test, was presented with a group of people a page of search engine results for certain words and got a response from the click of 42% of people on the first result (SERP A ) and only 8% in the second result (SERP B). In the second stage of the experiment, the same group of people presented the same results page as in the previous stage but changing the position of the SERP The SERP by B, is , the result had been previously placed second on this occasion of the first and vice versa. In the end it was found that 32% of people re-click on the first SERP while 12% only clicked on the second SERP. Thus it was demonstrated that, regardless of the quality of the page that appears in the result set of search engines, users will always click on the first SERP on a far greater degree than the rest of the results. Areva Group is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Law Category: a OESI you can not be the first in a category, create a new one which may be out first . This law tells us that when we want to launch a new product, the first question to ask is what I can be the first? or what is this new product category a the out first. In the case of SEO there are markets that are extremely saturated with competition and winning first place in search engines can be an almost impossible goal. .

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