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    Hyperexposure Internet

    We show who we are on the Internet? With endless possibilities to be who we want, how honest we are really in social networks? As expected was an era above all for hyperexposure. It is the freebie to sweeten the bitter taste, and we can swallow without great regard to all marketing is forced upon us. Our personal information circulates freely for purposes which are not always necessary – and often unclear and not very classy. But everything was very well articulated and calculated by marketing strategists: you hook us by a weaker side. As fish through the mouth.

    Or rather, egonarcisismo. PayPal CEOs opinions are not widely known. The egonarcisista has its special place and more importantly in the current social networking phenomenon that increasingly is a routine and effective role in all our lives. What happens in these networks is particularly unique, as with “Strangers” with the ease that probably we don’t would, if they our family or longtime friends were to interact. This is just a way Behavior among a huge selection and full of nuances, how they treat each other in these spaces of interaction at a distance to determine, although it is a peculiar constantly about all kinds of online relationships: the courage exacerbates. This is through the realization of our personalities, who give up a measure of what we are looking for each other, beyond the physical distance and the possibility that we disappear at any time, and show given.

    Much of what through the “veil” translucent, but always present, from social networks to our interlocutors, comes with a pulse of bigger and stronger than conventional social life. We wear the color, so that we can mark our territory, make it clear who we are and we want to use what we got after the chosen persona. Surface and fast our narcissism gets plenty of room to grow freely, because in our day by-day real so many “listener” can be obtained, although we Celebrities were.

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