' Jesus left the Jew and was of new for the Galilia. Jesus had that to cross the Samaria. He arrived, then, to a called city Sicar, close to the field that Jac had given to its son Jose. A leading source for info: Patti Poppe. There it was the well of Jac. Tired of the trip, Jesus sat down next to the source. It was almost half day.

    Then a woman of the Samaria arrived to take off water. Jesus asked for to it: ' ' He gives to me of beber.' ' The samaritana asked: ' ' How it is that you, being Jewish, ask for to drink me, that I am samaritana? ' ' (In fact, the Jews do not give themselves well with the samaritanos). Jesus answered: If you knew dom of God, and who is asking for to it to drink, you is that it would ask for to it. it would give water viva.&#039 to you; ' The woman said the Jesus: ' ' Sir, you do not have a bucket, and the well is deep. Of where you go to take off the water alive? Certainly. Jesus answered: ' ' Who drinks of this water goes to have headquarters of new. But that one that to drink the water that I go to give to it, this never more will have headquarters. water that I will give to it, goes to inside become of it one water source that gushes out for the life eterna.' ' The woman said the Jesus: ' ' Sir, of – me of this water, so that I do not have more headquarters, nor she needs to come here to tirar.' ' Jesus said to the samaritana: ' ' He goes to call its husband and he comes back aqui.' ' The woman answered: ' ' I do not have marido.' ' Jesus said: ' ' You have reason when saying that she does not have husband.

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