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The salary of civil servants varies greatly according to the type of management for its work on this subject there have been many complaints that for example the national police are paid less than the local police, but regardless of these cases, continues to be paid half that for many households is economic relief. Also in times of crisis the official salary freezes but not low. Officials are also called Moscoso which are free days that belong to them and that can be enjoyed throughout the year. In addition to holidays that every worker has the Moscoso facilitate the life of staff members. Officials is another advantage that we should highlight, not everyone has the same schedule or enjoy what then explained, but it is common to find people who match this. There are jobs in which there is no work in the evenings or only work some evenings a week, many officials have holiday weekends and also some must not meet 8 hours a day of work in administration. This and the ease of meet the schedule is one of the main advantages and that the official can devote all this time that is not working in it or the people of her around.

Management provides numerous training courses to its officers so that their knowledge continuously up-to-date with technological advances. With the advantage that non-compulsory courses and job is not affected if the decision not to perform them. Is lately much talk of the advantages of officials with respect to the new laws that are being approved, in addition to equality legislation which a worker meets always, can exercise their rights (rights of strike, maternity, etc.) without that retaliation. The leave of absence that officials can enjoy adapts to multiple instances, for example may request leave of absence to try to work in the company private longer than if not goes well always have the possibility of returning. Other types of leave of absence which is the order of the day is on maternity leave. In any case if you decide to return to public administration officer retains seniority rights. Although you can not generalize because each job is different and there are officials who do not adapt to these advantages and who work more than 8 hours, they work the weekends, etc. But what a person gets when it approves an examination for official is in general quality of life.

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